Morjim Birds

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Our last day in Goa was spent in Morjim after the recommendation from Darryl Baptista, which is home to many thousands of birds. It was also the least visited by other people, which was great news for us! I have noticed more recently, several news articles about the darker side of Morjim. Fortunately we never encountered any trouble during our three weeks in Goa, and would recommend anyone to FLY in and enjoy the cheap food, drinks and sun.

Morjim Local Boy
Local boy walking along the sandy banks

Morjim Fishing Boat

Morjim Birds
Thousands of birds in Morjim

Morjim Boats Lined up
Morjim boats lined up

Low Tide Morjim Birds

Morjim Birds Sunset

Goa Hawk
Hawk on the lookout for smaller seabirds

India Football

Hermit Crab Escape
Hermit Crab escaping

Morjim Swimming

Really great water, much better than Calangute area

Angus in the crisp water

Morjim Sunset Birds Silhouette
Thousands of birds flying north across the setting sun

Morjim Sunset

Morjim Red Skies, Goa

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Rural Adventures of Goa

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Returning back to Marcela the following morning, Raju was keen on showing more of the bush in the neighbouring areas, including his own property and yet more fruit! đŸ™‚ It was a great walk, seeing a beautiful, peaceful view of India, as we encountered many various animals and workers in the field.

Banana Tree Goa
Bananas on Raju’s property

Millions of Ants

Dog with Mange
The sad face of a local dog with mange

Caterpillar Goa

Red Dragonfly Goa

King Cobra Nest
Massive King Cobra nest

One of the many tropical birds

Yep, another

Pineapple growing, Goa


Rich Paddy Field

Wilderness adventures, reminiscent of “Stand by Me”

Water buffalo, India
Water buffalo

Water buffalo, India

Stunning Kingfisher
Another stunning Kingfisher

Indian Shack

Paddy field worker

Wasps India

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Marcela, Goa

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Located between Old Goa and the road to Santo Estevam, Marcela is a small town where Angus’s grandmother has lived for many years. Her property has its own spring water well, and many fruit trees, which Raju was kind enough to get some coconuts down for the fresh milk.


Breaking Coconut

Fresh Coconut
Angus scooping the coconut out

Fresh well water
Fresh spring water from the well

Raju with a crab from a water hole nearby

Crab Goa

10 points for what this is?

Kingfisher, Goa

Rice field, Goa

View from atop water tank in Marcela bush

More rice fields from atop the water tank

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Warwick Castle on a Summer’s Day

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With a bright summer’s day looming over England, my friends Katie and Ken decided to venture off to Warwick Castle and Stratford-upon-Avon for a day trip. Considering I had been there a couple of years ago, I offered to show them around at one of the prettier and entertaining castles on offer.

The birds of prey were again on display, as well as a special flaming trebuchet and glorious warm sun.

Warwick Castle Owl

The rear view of Warwick Castle with the Avon River passing by

Katie taking a photo in Stratfor-upon-Avon at sunset



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Bokeh is the photographic term for the background blur of photos. Just gave myself a new Christmas present, in the form of Canon’s pristine 85 f1.2 L lens.

85 1.2 L wide open
Full resolution, straight out of camera

Elayna & Lisa @ Mission Bay – Auckland’s waterfront

Pip the budgie


Maori Bay Sunset and Gannets

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With some beautiful hot summer weather, the West coast beach of Maori Bay, was a perfect spot to admire New Zealand’s rugged landscapes.


Twelve Apostles Sunset

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The stunning twelve apostles are a collection of limestone stacks, located just offshore in the Port Campbell National Park, Victoria. Large crowds covered the good viewing platforms along the cliff entrance, however beach access is no longer available through Gibson Steps, and Thunder Cave.

Twelve Apostles Sunset
Erosion caused the collapse of a stack in 2005

Twelve Apostles Sunset
Looking East along the rugged coastline

Great viewing platforms along the length of cliff edge

Sunset over Twelve Apostles
Sunset over Twelve Apostles

Penguins at Twelve Apostles
Penguins after dark, using cameras maximum abilities

Penguins in the surf, Twelve Apostles
Penguins in the surf


Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain

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After a long days drive from the Freycinet National Park, arrived in Cradle Valley, featuring Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake – a popular trekking spot. Being so late in the evening, and the weather conditions damp, chose to complete the short 2-3 hour Dove Lake circuit.

The Boatshed on the Dove Lake walk

Forest Raven

After the walk, took a drive up to Devonport to get food, as everywhere local was shut


London Zoo

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The London zoo, is the oldest scientific zoo in the world, which opened in 1828. It’s currently undergoing a transformation to redevelop the animal environments to match their natural habitat. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to see the butterfly and aquarium exhibitions.

Outside Regents Park tube station


Longleat – Herbivores

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The Safari Park at Longleat, opened in 1966, first in the world after Africa to allow you to drive through the animal enclosures.

One of the many giraffes

Monkey business

Camel – Rude to eat with the mouth open?



Love – Darren & Beatrix

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Darren’s a fellow photographer and friend, and drove himself and wife, Beatrix, along from London to the East coast of Kent – Broadstairs, followed by white cliffs of Dover. The weather was rather gloomy, so rather than shooting the intended landscapes, focused more on them as a married couple.


Banham Zoo, Norfolk

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After a few days in Newcastle, travelling around Tynemouth, Lake District and Hadrian’s Wall, decided to drive down to Norfolk and visit some friends for a few days. First up was a quick trip to the local Banham Zoo.

Sarah enjoying the animal displays

Beautiful Toucan, through some unsightly fence!


Lake District – England’s Garden

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An easy 90min drive West of Newcastle, opens up to the amazing views of the Lake District. With only one evening and morning to explore, decided to stay around Ullswater area, which is one of the more picturesque lakes.

Entrance to Ullswater from the North-East – a contrast to 9 months ago in Autumn:

Meanwhile as I set this shot up, 3 low flying RAF jets through low through the valley and across the lake. A shame I had the wide angle lens setup!

The scene where the jets had just flown by


Hampstead Heath

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Hampstead Heath is London’s largest and most beautiful park. Views from Parliament Hill overlook most of London, whilst the park also features open air public swimming pools and plenty of walking tracks.


Fake bridge



Danson Park Wildlife

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Just two days after heavy snows, the warm weather has melted the white landscapes, and brought the birds and squirrels back out.

Danson Park Squirrel