Shaila & Rajiv’s Post Wedding Fun

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After being unable to shoot Shaila & Rajiv’s recent wedding, due to being in London for much of the past year, I was privileged enough to shoot some portraits of their families. The location was the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial near Mission Bay, overlooking the city and harbour. Shaila was beautifully adorned in her colourful sari, along with henna scribed over her hands and feet. Katrina was also along for some awesome creative shots herself, and occasionally lending her skill of holding the light reflector to make use of the golden evening light.

Shaila applying the final touches to her mum

Auckland Wedding

Shaila with her brother and sister

Rajiv with his sister Suhani

Rangitoto Wedding
Overlooking the Hauraki Gulf and Rangitoto Island

Katrina Elton Photographer
Katrina having some fun between shooting


Rajiv’s mum – Saroj

Shaila’s younger sister, Shainal

Shaila’s lovely earring which was momentarily lost

Golden light at Okahu Bay

Newlywed beach

Silhouetted beach wedding

Auckland Wedding Photographer
Orakei Wharf for sunset

Auckland Indian Wedding Photographer

Dancing Wedding Shoot
Swaying down Orakei Wharf

Wedding Ring Auckland Wedding Photographer
Macro shot by Katrina


Introducing Katrina – Kiwi Farm Girl

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Arriving back into New Zealand, first agenda was to catch up with friends and family. During my time away in London, I had also been discussing future business plans with photographer, and make up artist, Katrina. I’ll also formally introduce her now as my girlfriend and business partner. She’s currently working for a top photography studio, doing mostly black and white portrait shoots, and also assisting award winning photographer, Brett Lees from Unique Visions on some wedding shoots. We spent the afternoon at her farm near Bethells Beach, overlooking the rolling Waitakere hills landscape.

Katrina Elton

Feeding Bailey, one of the horses on the farm

Ziggy, their Shetland Sheepdog

Katrina amongst the daisies in the bottom paddock

Katrina Elton

With one of the Jersey cows

It is now our goal, to work together using her great perspective of capturing moments and her lighting ability, to complement my own creative style of photography. In addition to her offering bridal makeup also. Feel free to contact us via my website.


Dorchester Wedding – William & Natalie

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William & Natalie were married today at the world renowned Dorchester Hotel in London. Shooting alongside Richard Swaffields (swaffs.co.uk), we captured their special day from every angle possible. Shooting in the private wing for the ceremony, the penthouse suite balcony, and venturing across into Hyde Park for some fun shots. Congratulations on your beautiful day. 🙂

Dorchester Wedding London

Dorchester Wedding

Dorchester Wedding - Piano
William, a talented pianist

London Wedding

London Wedding Photographer

Flower Girl London Wedding Photographer

Flower Girl

Dorchester Wedding Photographer

London Wedding Photographer

London Wedding Photographer Flower Girls

London Wedding Photographer

London Wedding Photographer

London Wedding Photographer

Dorchester London Photographer

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Wet in Prague

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Prague is a wonderful, beautiful city. Despite raining for practically every moment of our 36 hours in the city, a few of us keen sightseers braved the weather to explore the historical sites. Prague was also included to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1992, with its great mix of Gothic and Renaissance styled architecture.

Old Town Square at Night, Prague
Old Town Square at Night. There was plenty of lightning going also amongst the rain, but didn’t have the patience to capture it

Prague intersection at night
Beautiful buildings make up all corners of Prague

Prague Castle across River at Night
Prague Castle and Vltava River at Night

Czech Me Out

The following morning, in Old Market Square, the rain continued to pound the cobbled stones – when I noticed a young newlywed couple having a few photos taken. They’re mood was very upbeat, and was great to see another photographer out there in the elements capturing those moments.

Prague Wedding Photographer

Prague Wedding Photographer

Prague Wedding Photographer

Prague Wedding Photographer

Cobbled Street in Prague
Cobbled Street in Prague, on way to the Castle

St Vitus Cathedral
St Vitus Cathedral, in the Castle grounds – Camera was soaked, hence the smudges

View from Prague Castle

Changing of the Guard, Prague
Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard, Prague

Prague Castle Guard


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Wedding – Rob & Kat

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Rob & Kat were married at the lovely Crondon Park – Golf & Country Club in Essex. My friend Rich (Swaffs.co.uk) was the main photographer, and chose me as his assistant. We both ended up shooting a large variety of shots, with Rich focusing on the formals, whilst I grabbed some candids from various angles. Rob & Kat were a load of fun, with their passion for motorcycles evident!

Kat having her final touches of makeup done

Motorcycle Wedding Cake

Candid just after leaving the ceremony

Champagne Flute

London Wedding Photographer

Chocolate Fountain – Fantastic idea, and a great hit with the guests

Rob, surprising Kat with the first dance

And back to beautiful formality


Wedding – Matt & Jemma

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My good fellow photography friend, Matt Peters was married today to his lovely new wife, Jemma. The ceremony and reception were held at the amazing Alexander House, in the West Sussex countryside, under the warm spring sun.

Alexander House, Sussex
Alexander House and gardens

The men arriving to Alexander House

Matt & his son Harry getting dressed

Jemma, with her grandmother

Jemma’s sister, Laura applying the final touch

Laura, Matt, Jemma & best man, Greg

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After Wedding Fun – Bethells

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After Ron & Kim’s recent wedding, which unfortunately was rather wet, I offered to shoot some casual portraits at their favourite west coast beach, Bethells.


Wedding – Matt & Lisa

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Had the great pleasure of shooting the wedding of Matt & Lisa at the Northridge Country Lodge, Silverdale. Lisa’s been one of my closest friends for many years, so was a great priveledge to assist her on their beautiful day.

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Wedding – Johnny & Kirsty

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Johnny & Kirsty were wed at the stunning Kelliher Estate, on Puketutu Island. Featuring a Spanish villa, set amongst bush and landscaped gardens.

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Wedding – Kim & Ron

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Kim and Ron were married at the lovely Gracehill Vineyard in Kumeu, where even the rain wasn’t going to spoil their special day.

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Napier Wedding – Amy & Craig

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After the recovery period from recent travels, ventured down to Napier for the wedding of Amy and Craig. The weather was stunning 27°C – in fact a touch too hot for all who were dressed for the occassion. The ceremony was held at the Botanical Gardens, with some photos afterwards along the beach where Craig proposed, as well as the port where the massive Queen Victoria was docked.

Napier Botanical Gardens

Amy and her mum, after walking the aisle of flowers

Dove release

From near the proposal point

The “invincibles” striking a pose

Amy and her brother Clinton – champion wrestler


Wedding, Stratford-Upon-Avon

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Was a guest at a wedding for family friends, and was asked to take the camera along to get a few snaps. Stratford Manor was a fine wedding venue, and the weather turned out great.


Wedding – Julie & David

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The largest wedding of the season took place this weekend. Thirty people in the bridal party. The ceremony was held in the Band Rotunda, Cornwall Park. With the reception at Ellerslie Convention Centre. Warren & Kirst were there to capture the special day.

Photo by iKirst.com


Wedding – Tim & Trudy

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Another wedding this weekend, this time a church wedding at the Mt Albert Methodist Church. No flash was used for the indoor church shots, however that was no issue. The reception was held at the New Lynn bowling club, with some photos taken down at Western Springs, at sunset.



Wedding – Jason & Helen

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This past weekend, saw another local wedding of Jason & Helen at the Band Rotunda, Albert Park. Followed by a reception at the Mandarin Seafood Restaurant.

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