Venice – The City of Water

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Exploring the wondrous city of Venice, can only be achieved by water and on foot. Venice is unique in many ways, with endless beautiful detailed buildings perched alongside the water. Capturing the sights from the gondola boat ride, through the twisting passages and underneath low bridges was definitely a highlight and impossible to ignore. Later in the afternoon, took in the spectacular views from atop St Mark’s Campanile, witnessing the sprawl of intricate architecture over hidden islands.

Venice from Rialto Bridge
Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge

Narrow passage of Venice
Narrow passageways

Venice Wedding Photographer
Wedding photos in St Mark’s Square

View to San Giorgio Maggiore
View to San Giorgio Maggiore

Gondolier in Venice
Venice Gondalier

Pigeon in St Mark's Square, Venice
Pigeon in St Mark’s Square

Pigeons overun Venice
Too many pigeons for my liking

Venice Gondola Top Deck
Gondola Riding – Niki, Pete, Grant, Richie and Warren

Venice Gondola Bricks
Passing old buildings in the narrow canals

Cindy at the Grand Canal
Arriving into the Grand Canal

Having a laugh in Venice
Cindy, having a good laugh

Gondola, Grand Canal, Venice

Venice Gondola Ride

Gondola, Venice

Gonola Ride, under bridge
Riding under one of the 400 bridges

Slow shutter speed on Gondola, Venice
0.6 seconds on a Gondola

San Giorgio Maggiore
San Giorgio Maggiore

View from atop St Mark's Campanile
St Mark’s Square – Notice the water patches from high tide

Endless views over Venice
Endless views over Venice

More views from the Campanile.

Pigeon passes St Mark's Campanile
Yet another pigeons flies by St Mark’s Campanile

Venice Moorings

Thunderstorm approaches Venice
Terrific thunderstorm approaches Venice

Speed boat in Venice
Speed boat, passing St Mark’s Campanile

Venice Thunderstorm
Heavy thunderstorm clouds over Venice

Painting Santa Maria della Salute from Accademia Bridge
Painting Santa Maria della Salute from Accademia Bridge

Slow waters over Venice
Slow shutter speed over Venice

Slow shutter over Venice

Sunset over Venice buildings
Low sunlight over Venice after the thunderstorm clears

Rich buildings in Venice
Rich coloured buildings are always a spectacle

Constitution Bridge, Venice
Ending back at Constitution Bridge after 24 hours

Ready for an early morning departure, over Northern Italy, and into Vienna, Austria.

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Grand Canal by Night

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The beautiful city of Venice is built upon 118 small islands, connected by 177 canals, and a whopping 400 bridges. Arriving in the early evening after a long day driving from Rome, Peter and I decided to head into the city for an hour to take in a view of the Grand Canal.

Constitution Bridge, Venice
The newly built Constitution Bridge, connecting the bus and rail terminals

Constitution Bridge, Venice

Peter alongside the Grand Canal

Grand Canal Venice at Night
Light trails from passing boats

Chiesa degli Scalzi - Church of the Barefoot
Chiesa degli Scalzi – Church of the Barefoot

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Ancient Rome & Colosseum

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Every angle of the streets of Rome is a marvel, with ancient ruins and cobbled streets viewable in every direction.

Foro di Cesare (Forum of Caesar)
Foro di Cesare (Forum of Caesar) – Built between 54 & 46BC

Colosseum in Daylight
Due to the G8 summit, and visiting world leaders including Barack Obama, we were unable to get any closer.

Rome Colosseum reflected
Reflections on Niki

With the hassles of not being able to shoot the Colosseum up close or inside, Peter and I decided to venture off later in the evening once the area was reopened.

Arch of Constantine & Colosseum
Arch of Constantine & Colosseum

Colosseum at Night

Colosseum detail at night with moon
Colosseum Detail with the moon rising

Colosseum and Traffic Trails
Light trails by the Colosseum at which point we had to rush back to catch our last metro and bus around midnight.

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Roman Streets

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Quickly acclimatising to the Italian heat, Peter and I ventured West of the city of Rome to our start of our action packed 16 day tour. Our first two nights were to be spent at the modern and clean facilities of Camping Roma. Being wary of directions from their website, we found the correct metro and bus connections to arrive just after lunch time. First stop, pizza!

Meeting our exciting tour leader Michelle, and coach driver Billy for the first time we ventured back to central Rome.

Well known shopping street of Rome, with top brands including  Armani, D&G and Prada.

Spanish Steps, Rome
The crowded Spanish Steps

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain amongst more massive crowds

Temple of Hadrian, Rome
Temple of Hadrian

Roman Street

Horse drawn carriage at Pantheon, Rome
Pantheon – incredibly built in 126AD

The open ceiling causing light to filter down from the 142 foot tall roof

Piazza Navona

Street artist in Piazza Navona.

Fontana del Moro, Rome
Fontana del Moro – 1576

Cobbled street in Rome
Cobbled street in Rome

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POTN All Nighter – Strobist

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Some of the London and South-East UK photography-on-the.net (POTN) members converged on central London for an all night shoot, featuring off camera flash (strobist), followed by sunrise soon after 4:30am around the Millennium Bridge. Some were pumped on Red Bull, eager to get every shot, whereas a few of us, it was a desperate game to keep awake. This shoot immediately followed the road trip to Warwick Castle, so a new form of zombie like shooting was formed.

Neal managing his best awake impression

Millennium Bridge and St Pauls at 2am

Tate Modern at Night

Gosia dreaming of the next shot

Millennium Bridge Sunrise
Couple hours later over Millennium Bridge just after 4am

Against the fast incoming tide

Millennium Bridge Sunrise

Millennium Bridge Sunrise Glow


Warwick Castle on a Summer’s Day

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With a bright summer’s day looming over England, my friends Katie and Ken decided to venture off to Warwick Castle and Stratford-upon-Avon for a day trip. Considering I had been there a couple of years ago, I offered to show them around at one of the prettier and entertaining castles on offer.

The birds of prey were again on display, as well as a special flaming trebuchet and glorious warm sun.

Warwick Castle Owl

The rear view of Warwick Castle with the Avon River passing by

Katie taking a photo in Stratfor-upon-Avon at sunset


Borough Food Market, Camden & Tower Bridge

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Hosted the photography meetup group meetup again, starting at the tasty Borough Food Market near London Bridge. From there, we ventured off to Tate Modern, and the pub on the Thames. Following this, we headed off to Camden Market, and finally watched the sunset from Tower Bridge. Another highlight of the walk, was meeting Pink Floyd album cover artist/photographers, Storm Thorgerson & Rupert Truman who produce some amazing work.

[ cheese ]

Got beer?

Walking along the Thames walkway

Photographer shootout

London Underground

Camden Market



First time catching the bridge lift in operation as a ferry goes beneath


Sydney Hop on Hop off

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Spent the second day in Sydney doing a hop on, hop off bus tour. Quite a productive day, with a walks around Kings Cross, Woolloomooloo, Botanical Gardens, before lunch in Darling Harbour.

View from Mrs Macquaries Point

Approaching Darling Harbour



Sydney, Australia

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Flew into Sydney during the early hours of the morning for a three day quick sightseeing trip with my mum who lives in Melbourne. Sydney is Australia’s largest city with just over 4 million residents, surrounding the beautiful Sydney Harbour and coastline of New South Wales. First day in Sydney involved plenty on long walks around the CBD, Opera House and finally a walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, for a spectacular view of the bridge and CBD from Luna Park.

Beautiful Sydney Aerial
(Reposted from last year, showing vast stretch from CBD to the beaches of Bondi in foreground and Manly across the mouth of harbour)

Iconic Sydney Opera House
The iconic Sydney Opera House

Pacific Dawn Sydney Harbour Bridge
The enormous Pacific Dawn passes under the Harbour bridge

Sydney Opera House and CBD from Harbour Bridge
Opera House and CBD viewed from the walkway on the Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge at Night
Sydney Harbour Bridge at night

Sydney Skyline - Harbour Bridge and Opera House
Sydney Skyline from Luna Park

Sydney Harbour Bridge flag
The flag atop the Harbour Bridge flutters at night


Wedding – Johnny & Kirsty

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Johnny & Kirsty were wed at the stunning Kelliher Estate, on Puketutu Island. Featuring a Spanish villa, set amongst bush and landscaped gardens.

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Eureka Tower

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The Eureka Tower of Melbourne, is currently the worlds tallest residential building in the world standing 300m (984ft) tall. Presented with what looked like a great upcoming sunset with good visibility, decided to head up to the 88th floor lookout. Spectacular views 360° around, although the top ten floors are gold plated (looks great on the outside), but cut out much light within making photography extremely difficult.

Eureka reflecting on the neighbouring PWC

Overlooking the Royal Botanical Gardens

CBD and Docklands

Albert Park – home of the Formula 1 every March

Sunset looking towards Newport & Geelong


Melbourne Twilight

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Took an evening walk along the Yarra River, and setup for the hourly fireballs from the Crown Casino.


Melbourne Walkabout

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Fresh from arriving from London, took a walk around the city to familiarise myself with the new surroundings for the next month.

Eureka tower standing 300m tall over Southbank

Rowing on the Yarra River

Free city circle Tram


Scotney Castle, Kent

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Scotney Castle is a ruined 14th century, set in picturesque surroundings of a lake and English gardens.

A different mood

“Anke”, who runs the popular blog, http://anke.blogs.com/


Drift 08 – London Photography Meetup

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We had our 5th London Photography Meetup (facebook group), based around the Drift 08 – first annual art exhibition based on the Thames. Around 30 fellow photographers came, armed with tripods to capture the art between Blackfriars bridge and Tower bridge.

Group shot against the sunset

Ghost Bridge

Millennium Bridge and St Pauls

HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge (undergoing repairs)

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