Melbourne Zoo

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Koala on Great Ocean Road

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Taking the beautiful Great Ocean Road back to Melbourne, came across a forest of Eucalyptus trees. Immediately saw these cute Koala very close to the road edge.

Lazy Koala


Freycinet National Park & Wineglass Bay

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The arrival into the Freycinet National Park is marked with some spectacular views and pristine clear waters. After breakfast on the shore of Coles Bay, headed for the main carpark at the base of the Hazards (620m). Chose to complete the 11.5km walk over the Hazards, down through to Wineglass Bay, and across the isthmus to Hazards Beach, before finally zipping around the base of Mt Hazard on the coastal track.

Wineglass Bay Lookout
The first 45min walking uphill is rewarded with some spectacular views across Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay Lookout

Wineglass Bay
Wineglass Bay with the approaching surf

Freycinet Wallabies
Plenty of Wallabies around, as well as snakes, frogs and spiders!

Hazards Beach
Glorious Hazards Beach

Idyllic Hazards Beach, Tasmania
Idyllic Hazards Beach

Hazards Beach / Cove
Northern end of Hazards Beach

Honeymoon Bay
Honeymoon Bay with stunning clear water

Sun burst Freycinet
Rain clouds on their way in, blocking the sun

Sun briefly comes out again to light up the Hazards


Fire! Horse float ignites

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Whilst returning from a trip to Dover on the A260 shortly before the A2, came across a truck with horse float trailer, which had just started pluming smoke before rapidly igniting and engulfing the truck in massive fireballs. Fortunately no people or horses were harmed.

Fifteen seconds after ignition!

Fire service arrive ten minutes later


London Zoo

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The London zoo, is the oldest scientific zoo in the world, which opened in 1828. It’s currently undergoing a transformation to redevelop the animal environments to match their natural habitat. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to see the butterfly and aquarium exhibitions.

Outside Regents Park tube station


Dances With Wolves

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With some great lighting through the trees at Longleat, the Canadian Timber Wolves shone brilliantly.

Longleat Lions

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Managed to get very close to a couple of lions, amongst the drive through safari at Longleat. Parked beside the first lion seen, just a couple of metres away, and managed to fire off several frames of a yawn – making them into a video:

Click for Lion Yawn Video

Longleat – Herbivores

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The Safari Park at Longleat, opened in 1966, first in the world after Africa to allow you to drive through the animal enclosures.

One of the many giraffes

Monkey business

Camel – Rude to eat with the mouth open?



Chessington Zoo and Theme Park

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Time for reliving the past, with a visit to Chessington, the first time since 1989. Some of the original rides are still here, such as the Runaway train and log flume, but no sign of the gorilla that terrorised me as a boy! đŸ˜›

Smelly breath?

Three legged monkey


Banham Zoo, Norfolk

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After a few days in Newcastle, travelling around Tynemouth, Lake District and Hadrian’s Wall, decided to drive down to Norfolk and visit some friends for a few days. First up was a quick trip to the local Banham Zoo.

Sarah enjoying the animal displays

Beautiful Toucan, through some unsightly fence!


The Real Hadrian’s Wall

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Surprise surprise, some photos I posted last year weren’t actually the wall, but something else. Deciding to put things right, ventured back there after leaving Ullswater.

View of Hadrian’s Wall, along a ridge – if you look closely, can see some people camping overnight

Cute cow

View from further along the ridge

With my friend Adam Gray, peak of summer, but very cold

Finally the early morning sun creeps through


Hampstead Heath

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Hampstead Heath is London’s largest and most beautiful park. Views from Parliament Hill overlook most of London, whilst the park also features open air public swimming pools and plenty of walking tracks.


Fake bridge



Danson Park Wildlife

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Just two days after heavy snows, the warm weather has melted the white landscapes, and brought the birds and squirrels back out.

Danson Park Squirrel


Elegant Mute Swan, Danson Lake

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A morning chilly walk around Danson Park, saw a lone mute swan in the lake nearby. Not deterred by my close presence, allowed me to get a few shots.


Muriwai Gannet Colony Sunset

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After shooting the wedding in Napier, drove back to Auckland and decided to unwind at Muriwai, above the rugged coastline below from the gannet colony lookout. Being limited to just a 105mm lens, made bird photography rather difficult, but still managed to get a few snaps when they were closer. Further tested the new Sigma 12-24 ultra wide angle, which gave some good results.

Three seperate exposures/shutter speeds to create this view looking North

Stormy skies

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