Calangute Beach New Years Eve

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After spending a week around the beautiful island of Jua, enjoying the villages of Santo Estevam and Marcela on the mainland, we decided it was time to venture back to the beachside apartment for New Years celebrations. Stocking up on food supplies from the Mapusa market, Angus and I were preparing ourselves for the final few days in Goa! Time sure has flown.

Green & red Tomatoes

Green Beans

Mutton ready for the Slaughter
Mutton ready for the chop

Mapusa Market Seller
Mapusa Market Seller – All to keen for a photo

Mapusa Banana Market

Calangute Goa fisherman

Calangute Beach people

Calangute Jetski

Final Sunset of 2009 India
Final sunset of 2009, from Calangute, Goa, India

Angus 2009
Angus farewelling 2009

2009 Dusk

Blue Moon December 2009
Once in a blue moon… two full months within one calendar month

On the strike of midnight, Calangute beach and all the adjoining beaches (Candolim, Sinquerim and Baga), brightly lit up with thousands of fireworks and bonfires to welcome in the Year of 2010. Making this an even more special New Years, a partial lunar eclispe occurred only a few minutes later.

Lunar Eclipse Goa 2009 2010
Lunar Eclipse of 2009 / 2010

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Space Odyssey

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With some relatively clear weather, made a final trip to my grandfather’s observatory. Now featuring an 8″ Celestron telescope to replace the previous 10″Meade LX200 scope.

Orion Nebula

Saturn -not looking the sharpest due to atmospheric conditions

Waxing Moon

Katie observing the distant moon through the 8″ Celestron


Trailing to the Moon

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Following a pub meal at Windermere – famous for it’s history of Beatrix Potter; author of the popular Peter Rabbit series, drove back across the Kirkstone Pass linking Windermere to Ullswater.

The Kirkstone Pass was just being lit up by the rising moon, and saw an opportunity of a lone car travelling the deserted highway.

Shortly before midnight


Beyond the Atmosphere

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A favourite pastime is stargazing through telescopes at my grandfathers house, who has a couple of scopes, and old photography gear. The conditions tonight were tough, with a lot of shimmering in the atmosphere which doesn’t give the best results. The full moon isn’t the best to photograph either, due to the lack of contrast and shadows as the sun is lighting the moon from directly above.

An old, but favourite of Jupiter passing behind the Moon – June 2005
20D + 10″ Meade LX200 telescope

Orions Belt, shot with 1DIII, 70-200f4, @ 200mm, mounted on telescope, ISO 3200

Clouds creating some shadowing
1D III + 8″ Celestron telescope

Orion’s Nebula – 1DIII – ISO 6400, 2000mm focal length


Saint Margaret’s at Cliffe – Full Moon

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Revisited Saint Margaret’s, as it seemed to offer the best views around the coast of Kent. After just missing sunset, had to settle for light from the full moon.