Karekare GKPE Photographers Meet Up

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Managed to arrange a short notice meet up with some photographer friends (from www.gkpe.org.nz / photography-on-the.net) where we discussed travel/camera gear/beers and had a good laugh.

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter also made an appearance, now operating from a different rego/helicopter – ZK-HLN instead of the old outdated ZK-HHV. In late 2006, I saw the progress of the rebuild, adding a more powerful motor and extra features such as night vision goggles and collision avoidance system. Click to see the build photos

Limited by a short 105mm lens again, as 300mm back in UK

Wendy Cain

Liz – photographers in action

David lining up a shot looking South towards Whatipu

Fantastic full moon rise over the hills at Karekare


Homeward Journey

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After almost eight months away from home, the final destination was approaching. After missing the connecting flight, had to wait for the next available flight several hours later. The flight from Sydney to Auckland was a brisk 2 hours 20min flying over Piha, Oratia & Henderson (my home towns over the past 20 years) before seeing a spectacular view of Auckland city and the Hauraki Gulf.

The view towards Bondi beach

Clear waters of the Tasman Sea, and Sydney City views

Auckland’s Harbour Bridge, Sky Tower, Princes Wharf (with a large cruise liner) and North shore

Motuihe Island, in the Hauraki Gulf, where I’ve spent days planting trees

The next twelves days in New Zealand will be a rush, catching up with friends and family, shooting a wedding, before heading back to London.

Into Sydney, Australia

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The leg from Bangkok to Sydney on the British Airways 747-400 was very tiring. Was initially told the plane is twenty minutes late, and would miss my connecting flight from Sydney to Auckland. Subsequently, the flight left Bangkok two hours late. To make matters worse, the in flight entertainment systems weren’t working either!

Descending through Northern Sydney

Shadow of the BA 747-400

After landing in Sydney was lucky to see the large A380 taking off from Sydney to Singapore.


Thailand Sunset from Birds Eye View

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Flying high above the Thai peninsula, in a Thai Air Asia A320 (HS-ABB), stood witness to a fantastic sunset. With all my recent and upcoming flights, planned them by requesting particular window seats dependant on the flight direction and time of the day. In this case, sitting on the left hand seat behind the wing heading from Phuket to Bangkok (Northwards), had a perfect view of the sunset and cloud formations. Shortly afterwards, was priveledged to get some cockpit photos – a rarity in these days with high security worldwide.


Thai AirAsia A320

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After arriving in Bangkok on 6th February decided not go on photography trips as I did in June last year, but to go shopping instead. Took a night flight from Bangkok to Phuket with AirAsia, flying one of the new Airbus A320 (HS-ABB)


Sunrise over Western India

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Emirates 777-300ER – Seat 31K
Dubai to Bangkok


Sunset over Hungary from 35,000 feet

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Flying from Gatwick to Dubai, flew over beautiful European mountains, before a sunset over Lake Balaton, Hungary. Flying Emirates 777-300ER – Seat 33K

Departing England

Very red sunset, with another jet on the left

Twilight – ISO 1600, F4, 1/5th second hand held


Shoreham Air Show 2007

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The Shoreham Air Show, based in West Sussex, was a great celebration of 50 years of Battle of Britain Memorial Flights. A wide range of aircraft were on display, both on the ground and in flight. The weather was fine for most of the day, until the final air display, when the English rain came down

Full gallery of photos can be seen here:

Guinot WingWalkers

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Attended the Sundays’ Shoreham airshow, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Amongst the highlights were the four Guinot biplane wingwalkers.

Guinot Wingwalkers Shoreham

More photos to follow in the coming days, including Hurricanes, Spitfires, B17, B25 and Vampire.


Airbourne 2007 – Eastbourne, England

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The overcast weather to England’s largest free air show, didn’t deter people from turning up in their masses.

Blades – Ex Red Arrows pilots

Wingwalkers on biplanes

Boeing HC2 Chinook

P51D races along the shoreline

Messerschmitt BF108 (N1002) – NJ C11

The last surving Battle of Britain, Hawker Hurricane R4118

Worlds’ fastest helicopter -Westland Lynx does a loop!

Supermarine 509 Spitfire T9C – G-CCCA (H98 / CBAF 9590)

Oasis Hong Kong 747-400, arriving from the South West at 500 feet

Eurofighter afterburner
Eurofighter Typhoon – afterburners  and vapour

Red Arrows, Eastbourne Airshow

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The opening display of the “Airbourne” air show, in Eastbourne, Southern England were the Red Arrows display. They did not disappoint.


Rough Landing

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Flying back from Krabi to Suvarnabhumi International, Bangkok, 2nd largest airport terminal in the world (after HK), and also boasting the tallest control tower.

Shortly after this photo taken from the Air Asia, Airbus A320 flight, we entered some thunder cloud, causing incredible turbulence, and near black conditions. The worst I’ve ever flown in.

A few hours back in the city, before my connecting flights with Emirates to London Gatwick, via Dubai. Sleep was much rewarded, after 45 hours.


Auckland to Sydney

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QF190 from NZAA to YSSY departed on surprisingly clear crisp skies. I took the window seat requested (43A), to keep out of the direct sun and a clear view over the wing.

Overlooking Waiuku and Port Waikato

I think the wing needs a clean 😉

Arriving into Sydney, with interesting water patterns.

Despite being in transit to Bangkok, Sydney airport security were even kind enough to believe I’m the suspicious type, deciding to do a full search of my bags, containing camera gear, taking smears for explosive resins and drugs. I wasn’t pleased.


Horse Breath & Jet Fumes

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After powering through a bucket of golf balls at JK’s World of Golf, at Airport Oaks, took a quick drive to see some aircraft, and captured a beautiful horse from a paddock under the flight path for Auckland International.


Wedding – Angela & Steve – The Brigham & Whenuapai Air Base

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Angela and Steve had a stunning wedding in the gardens of the Brigham in Whenuapai. Followed by a Monarch butterfly release, and fun photos later at the airforce base, on a P3 Orion (NZ4206).  The weather and lighting were perfect, to capture those lifetime memories.

The full gallery can be viewed at: www.warrenwilliams.co.nz/weddings/london

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