WTCC – Brands Hatch (Saturday)

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One of England’s finest racing circuits, Brands Hatch, held host to the World Touring Car Championship during the weekend. Support racing included the GT Open series (Ferrari F430’s, Lamboghinis, Dodge Vipers and Aston Martin DBRS9’s)

Full gallery of Saturday’s racing/qualifying can be seen here: www.warrenwilliams.co.nz/wtcc


Stil Vodka NZ Drift Series – Round 1 – Manfeild

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Manfeild race track, held host to the inaugural DFactor drift series. The weather was on edge, for wreaking havoc, however came under control, and the threatening skies never rained for more than a couple of minutes.

24 cars battled for the Top 16, which saw some of NZ’s top drift competitors battling it out for good prize money.

The final came down to Mr Consistent, Carl Ruiterman, and Curt Whittaker. Curt lead with lots of smoke, and was also very close in the chase, which rewarded him with the Round 1 honours. Adam Richards and Mad Mike rounded out the Top 4.

This is my last drift event in NZ, before travelling through Thailand & Cambodia, before settling in England.

Full gallery can be viewed here


Drift Revolution Round 3 :: Taupo

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The Drift Revolution drifting championship held it’s second round (as Round 2, Pukekohe was cancelled just prior to the V8 Supercars). Rian Herrick and Kylie (Project Bengal Drift) put a lot of effort into this round, ensuring a safe but fun event. Despite small crowd numbers, everyone in attendance had a great time.

Rian Herrick in his newly painted Cefiro

Adam Richards, 2005 D1NZ drift king smoking it up in his new Cefiro

Round winner, Carl Ruiterman leads Mike Turley – top qualifier in the final battle.

G-Mutch in his new WRX, was initially awarded 3rd place, however was disqualified due to this stunt of drifting after the checkered flag.

Mike Turley spraying the bubbles over Carl Ruiterman. Jason Sellers, was promoted to 3rd position after G-Mutch’s relegation. He can be seen in the white cap.

Full gallery can be viewed below:

Images will also be in July’s issue of NZ Performance Car magazine – get your copy soon!


D1NZ Round 3 :: Pukekohe Park Raceway

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JT in his new RX7

Nick Teeboon

Emile Stevenson

Darren McDonald

Click to see the full frame by frame action of Andrew Redward rolling his Nissan Laurel in spectacular fashion
Full gallery can be viewed here


D1NZ Round 3 – 5th May 2007

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Earthrace – Boat of the Future

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The record bidding jetboat, Earthrace, powered on 100% biodiesel has collided with a fishing vessel in central America. Earthrace planned to circumnagivate the world in 65 days.

Here’s a few photos from mid 2006 whilst she was berthed in the Viaduct:


Drift Revolution

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Today marked the first round of the new series “Drift Revolution” run by Rian Herrick and his partner Kylee (Project Bengal Drift)

Round Winner, Carl Ruiterman from Pukekohe

Greg Munt was kind enough to give me some hot laps after the competition.

A most exhilarating experience!

Greg Munt YouTube Promo Video


Auto Salon 2006 – Final Battle

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Attended the final battle, of Auto Salon 2006, courtesy of Ben from IgnitionMagazine.co.nz and managed to take a few pics along the way, including the overall winner in the 400kW+ Wild R Honda Civic.

Wild R Supra Mad Mike, and Mini Mad Mike


D1NZ Grand Final 2006

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November 19. A day the new Drift King 2006 title was contested to the bitter end. Up for grabs were the honours of being regarded the best of the year, where consistency and reliability played a large factor.

Adam Richards, champion of 2005, in his HKS / Dodson’s S15, was a bit slow to get going, and as a result was never really challenging again for a back to back title.

The real title contenders in 2006, were Drift Corp team mates, Gaz Whiter, and Dan “Fanga” Woolhouse.

The final result saw Justin Rood, beat Gaz Whiter for the round win, and Fanga Dan finished 7th… The points were drawn at 90-all, however upon points countback, Dan took the 2006 title.

The final battle, also made host to the Drift Queen search for 2007. This event was tightly contested also, with an online vote, text vote, and lunchtime demonstration at Pukekohe racetrack. In the evening, the ladies were dressed up to host at the after party in Auckland City. Amy Moulder won the event, and will host some events during 2007.
Look for big things to come in the NZ drifting scene in 2007, including International appearances at Irwindale, and MVPMagazine show on 13th/14th January 2007, in Auckland’s first official carpark drift battle.

 Fanga Dan, Crowd  Rian Herrick  Justin Rood, Round 6 Winner

Fanga Dan, 2006 DK D1NZ Drift Queen 2006 Search & Brooke Howard-Smith Amy Moulder - Drift Queen 2006 Winner

For full coverage of Round 6, Pukekohe, visit www.ignitionmagazine.co.nz


WRC – Valentino Rossi

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I was priviledged to be at the right place, at the right time, to see Valentino Rossi – Multiple MOTO GP World champion.

The scene was uncomfortably cold, and damp… However, Valentino was willing to sign autographs and pose for photos for the handful of fortunate spectators to undampen the spirits of the folk, both young and old.

Valentino Rossi Valentino Rossi Valentino Rossi helmet Valentino Rossi 46

Valentino Rossi WRC NZ Valentino Rossi

WRC NZ 2006 WRC NZ 2006


D1NZ Final Round – 19th November

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For all who don’t know, D1NZ championship deciding round is this coming Sunday at Pukekohe racepark.

Tickets cost $17 from Ticketek: Click here

It’ll be a tight contest between Drift Corp team mates, Fanga Dan and Gaz Whiter.

The fight for 3rd place is really hotting up, with Sean Falconer, Dayna Jury, Reece McBreen, Jairus Wharerau, Justin Rood and Adam Richards, all capable of taking the 3rd position slot.

Be there, or be smoked. . .

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