Scottish Border

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Not so far past Bamburgh Castle, was the border between England and Scotland. As still under United Kingdom, no border checks, with only a couple of flags and a plaque identifying it. A friendly Scottish voice drew the visitors towards the tasty and cheap caravan takeaway bar, serving baps, burgers and hotdogs.

Bamburgh Castle

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Located near the Scottish border in the Northumberland county, Bamburgh Castle is one of England’s finest. Sitting on a basalt outcrop, the castle has impressive views across the North Sea. It was too early in the day to explore around the castle itself, but will head back there closer to Christmas.

Can you spot the Monarch Caterpillars?

A rare self portrait

Adam Gray

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After buying a cheap travel car, during the previous week, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to drive up to Newcastle to see my friend Adam. Last time I saw him, was July 2005, when he came to New Zealand also travelling through Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. It was solely for him, after seeing his photos from his travels that inspired myself to travel to the amazing temples of Cambodia.

He used a pocket sized digital camera, but came away with memories he will keep for a lifetime. You can view his photos here: http://wazza.nfscity.com/world/

Adam in front of Bamburgh Castle

Adam lining up a shot of Bamburgh Castle, Northern England.

Adam Gray’s website: www.pbase.com/adamgrayphotography


Eagle Heights, Kent

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Visited a popular bird of prey place in the beautiful countryside of Eynsford, Kent. Featuring 150 birds, including eagles, vultures, falcons, owls, and even the hideous Marabou stork.



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Tower Bridge, London

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Tower Bridge, East London is not to be mistaken with London Bridge (thanks to artists such as Fergie, who regular call it otherwise) – I overheard many tourists commenting on “London Bridge”, yet this bridge is a few hundred metres upstream, with no features. I found the best location to shoot from was outside Thistle Hotel, on the North-East side

A ferry zips by Tower Bridge

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