Walk of the Thames

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Met up with a fellow photographer and friend, Darren, and took a walk along the Thames South Bank between Westminster and Tower Bridge, before returning for night shots around the embankment opposite London Eye. Plenty of other people out doing the picturesque walk, and came across many buskers.

Underneath Queen Elizabeth Hall, on London’s South Bank

You pay, and you get embarassed

Michael Jackons’ opposite

Generating many “what the…” looks

Not exactly Superman – Man of Steel

The only shot taken from outside the Aquarium, before being told to leave by three security staff 🙁

Shooting unhindered from Westminster Bridge

An illegal street vendor on Westminster Bridge

Shooting two zoom ranges on the same exposure


Twilight over London

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The modern Golden Jubilee Bridges, linking the West End with the South Bank have created a great walkway along London’s most breath-taking scenery. Encompassing the Thames, London Eye and the Houses of Parliament. A waxing crescent moon was also present high above London Eye.

Camden Town

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Camden town is famous for its busy markets, bringing together many cultures.


London Lights

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The light pollution over London becomes more apparent on a cloudy night. Another walk around London Eye, and Westminster Bridge to get some photos, before the “tripod police” put a stop to that.

Danger! Ice Kills

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As temperatures continue to fall, the landscape around clearly shows winter has arrived. The local lake at Danson Park had almost completely frozen over, with just a puddle of water for a few of the remaining birds.