Landscapes Revisited

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Decided to reprocess some of my favourites from Thailand and Cambodia – as the UK weather at the moment hasn’t been too great lately. Due to travel through Thailand for five nights during early February, on my return trip to NZ.

Railay Bay – Thailand

Angkor Wat – Cambodia

Angkor Wat – Cambodia

Siem Reap Countryside – Cambodia

Phnom Bakheng Rainstorm – Cambodia

Rain Clouds over Siem Reap – Cambodia


Hastings Pier Sunrise

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Made a last minute decision on Friday to head down to Hastings, as saw an opening in the weather which over the past week had been rather miserable, with rain, snow and sleet. Despite the clear skies, and what looks like warmth in the photos below, the temperature started below zero, with everything frozen.


London New Years 2008

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