Maya Bay, Phi Phi Le

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The sunset tour boat gave two options to visit Maya Bay –
Swim and climb through the cave from the other side, or take the boat in and kayak or longtail boat onto the shore. I chose to kayak through the shallow low tide waters. The scenery is still stunning, however there’s no life left within the water. Overcrowded, too many old dirty longtail boats leaking oil/fuel into the once pristine water.

Approaching Maya Bay from the South

Entering Maya Bay, as a Thailand flag flutters on bow of the boat

Looking into Maya Bay

The haze distorting the setting sun

Phi Phi Le

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Being the peak of the tourist season, the 4 hour sunset cruise, including snorkelling and kayaking had gone up from 350 to 500 Baht since 7 months ago, when I was last in Thailand.

The trip was well worth the NZ$20, with the impressive sights of sheer cliffs and some of the warmest water you’ll ever encounter.

Viking Cave – Locals harvesting the expensive Bird Nest’s Soup

Clear water bay, perfect for snorkelling and kayaking

Phuket to Phi Phi Ferry

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After staying a night in Phuket, took the early morning ferry to Phi Phi Don Island, (Ton Sai Bay). Thanks to my friend Karuna, saved the 350 Baht fare and sat in the air conditioned bridge with the captain.

Navman showing location as 7 44′ 0″N, 98 44′ 23.8″E

The friendly captain

Karuna, just arriving into Ton Sai Bay, Phi Phi Don


Thai AirAsia A320

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After arriving in Bangkok on 6th February decided not go on photography trips as I did in June last year, but to go shopping instead. Took a night flight from Bangkok to Phuket with AirAsia, flying one of the new Airbus A320 (HS-ABB)


Sunrise over Western India

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Emirates 777-300ER – Seat 31K
Dubai to Bangkok


Sunset over Hungary from 35,000 feet

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Flying from Gatwick to Dubai, flew over beautiful European mountains, before a sunset over Lake Balaton, Hungary. Flying Emirates 777-300ER – Seat 33K

Departing England

Very red sunset, with another jet on the left

Twilight – ISO 1600, F4, 1/5th second hand held

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