Hyde Park, London

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The hottest day so far in the year, lead to incredible crowds through London and the underground networks. Took a walk from Hyde Park Corner, along the lake edge, and up to Lancaster Gate


Sarah :-: Stockton-on-Tees

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Sarah just celebrated her 21st birthday, and thought it would be worthwhile to take some casual portraits at the local park.


Dover – Saint Margaret’s

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Accompanied by my friend Katie, took a drive around the Kent countryside on a fine day. Arriving at a favourite spot – Saint Margaret’s at Cliffe – just North of Dover.

Richborough Coal Mine – stopped in 1996


Danson Park Wildlife

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Just two days after heavy snows, the warm weather has melted the white landscapes, and brought the birds and squirrels back out.

Danson Park Squirrel


Olympic Torch Relay in London

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The Olympic torch relay hit the streets of snowy London today, marred by much controversy between China and Tibet. A large police presence, and Chinese security forces surrounded the torch throughout the 31 mile trip across London.

Thousands of people fill up Trafalgar Square

Contrast between peace and conflict

Olympic torch and mass police forces, entering Trafalgar

Snowy Spring in London

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The heaviest snow of the season fell today, blanketing everything in white. Started falling around 7am in Danson Park, and within a couple of hours was already 3-4 inches thick.

Danson Park Snow

Danson Park Snow


Elegant Mute Swan, Danson Lake

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A morning chilly walk around Danson Park, saw a lone mute swan in the lake nearby. Not deterred by my close presence, allowed me to get a few shots.