Edge of New Zealand

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After driving the length of Northland to Cape Reinga (The Place of Leaping) – decided to camp at the Tapotupotu camping ground – The most Northern campsite in New Zealand.

Tapotupotu  Bay – looking Northward into the Pacific Ocean

Cape Maria Van Diemen – most Western point of North Island

From Cape Reinga looking Eastward

19,271km to London

Tapotupotu Bay

Sunset from up on the cliffs at Cape Reinga

Cape Reinga Lighthouse Sunset
Cape Reinga lighthouse built in 1941 – with the fabled 800 year old Pohutukawa tree growing on the Eastern cliff visible.

Matai Bay & Karikari Peninsula

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The Matai Bay is regarded as one of the finest beaches of New Zealand, with its’ magnificent sandy beaches stretching around the clear waters. A perfect spot for camping, snorkelling and fishing.

Clear waters of Waikato Bay

Ohungahunga Bay (within the larger Matai Bay)

Karikari beach stretches along the Northern end of Karikari Peninsula, just 1km from Matai Bay.

Morning Glow at Taupo Bay

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Taupo Bay

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Taupo Bay is located in the beautiful clear waters of Northland, nestled amongst the rugged coastline.


Rugged Piha

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Piha and Karekare beach have been my local beach for many years, after living up in Waiatarua and Oratia. This was my forth visit in the past couple of weeks, but first time with the camera.

View from up Lion Rock

Lion Rock

Cathedral Cove Sunrise

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After spending a peaceful night on the golden sand, awoke early to capture to soft light in the morning.

Cathedral Cove Sunrise
30min before sunrise, as the glow from the sun rises

Mare’s Leg Cove, neighbouring Cathedral Cove

View from Mare’s Leg Cove, back to Cathedral Cove at sunrise


Cathedral Cove & Hahei, Coromandel

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With beautiful weather arriving for the Auckland Anniversary weekend, made the two hour trip to the East coast of the Coromandel Peninsula. Specifically to see Cathedral Cove, and the neighbouring Hahei Beach.

Hahei Beach
Hahei Beach

Pohutukawa Tree at Hahei Beach

The absolutely stunning Cathedral Cove

The refreshing clear water at Cathedral Cove

Sequence of myself, shot by Daniel Talbot

Hahei Beach

Cathedral Cove, Coromandel
Cathedral Cove after sunset

Being away from the city and light pollution, stars become very clear


Windswept Whatipu

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Whatipu rests at the mouth to the Manukau harbour, with some treacherous water and continuous moving sand with the prevailing Westerly winds.

Whatipu Calm
Whatipu looking deceptively calm

Rugged Whatipu

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With returning back to New Zealand, I’ve been able to catch up with family – including my gorgeous cousin, Summer.



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Bokeh is the photographic term for the background blur of photos. Just gave myself a new Christmas present, in the form of Canon’s pristine 85 f1.2 L lens.

85 1.2 L wide open
Full resolution, straight out of camera

Elayna & Lisa @ Mission Bay – Auckland’s waterfront

Pip the budgie


Maori Bay Sunset and Gannets

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With some beautiful hot summer weather, the West coast beach of Maori Bay, was a perfect spot to admire New Zealand’s rugged landscapes.


Melbourne to Auckland Flight

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The Emirates flight from Melbourne to Auckland was uneventful, although the dirty windows on the A340-500 didn’t help in getting clear shots of Auckland.


Hauraki Gulf – Rangitoto/Motutapu/Browns Islands


St Kilda Sunset

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My final evening in Melbourne was spent down on the warm beach of St Kilda with my sisters.

Packed during the day, but nearing 9pm it’s empty

Candace – youngest sister


Eureka Tower

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The Eureka Tower of Melbourne, is currently the worlds tallest residential building in the world standing 300m (984ft) tall. Presented with what looked like a great upcoming sunset with good visibility, decided to head up to the 88th floor lookout. Spectacular views 360° around, although the top ten floors are gold plated (looks great on the outside), but cut out much light within making photography extremely difficult.

Eureka reflecting on the neighbouring PWC

Overlooking the Royal Botanical Gardens

CBD and Docklands

Albert Park – home of the Formula 1 every March

Sunset looking towards Newport & Geelong