VIP Tours around Vienna

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With a full day to kill around Vienna, arranged to meet up with my friend René who was kind enough to show myself and Peter around the various sights and history of the magnificent city.

Donauturm Park

Vibrant Flower

René borrowing my Canon 17-40L lens + Lee filter setup
(And his new 5D II)

View from Donauturm Tower
Overlooking Vienna from up the Donauturm tower

Tour of Austraia 2009
Our trip into the city also coincided with the Tour of Austria, final leg.

Tour of Austraia 2009

Tour of Austraia 2009

In the afternoon, we visited the Schnapps museum for some exciting alcoholic beverage tasting, including gold leafed Schapps, and some stronger Absinthe.

Schnapps Museum, Vienna
Ann about to take a milky Schnapps shot

Grant showing the after taste effects from the hot chili Schnapps!

Following the milky drinks, René and his partner Anja took me along to the Danube River for sunset. The Danube is famous for being the only river to pass through four major cities, and also the second longest in Europe, spanning ten countries!

Long grass alongside the river… and as I figured out, a haven for mosquitos.

Anja, also wasn’t safe from those nasty mosquitos

Danube Vienna Sunset
Twilight over the Danube, with the Donauturm tower

Candid with the 85L in very low light – ISO 3200, F1.8

Danube River, Vienna at Night

A massive thanks to René and Anja for the tour of the city, and following drinks alongside this grand river.


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Schönbrunn Palace

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After the long drive with the coach tour, we had fifteen minutes to explore Schönbrunn Palace on the outskirts of Vienna, before arriving to our hostel for the next two nights. Schönbrunn Palace was built in the late 17th century, and is the former imperial summer residence.

Schönbrunn Palace
Schönbrunn Palace and the immaculate gardens

Glorietta, Schönbrunn Palace
Gloriette, atop the 60m hill overlooking Schönbrunn built in 1775.

Nic, Warren, Ritchie, Grant & Peter all from NZ & Oz

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Onwards through Northern Italy and Austria

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Travelling northward from Venice the following morning, we quickly headed to the border of Italy and Austria. The high quality roads through the Alps were absolutely amazing, offering unparalleled views.

Italian Alps
Making a quick stop at a service station

Endless Italian Vineyards
From the coach, endless vineyards in northern Italy.

Glacial Riverbeds over Italy
Glacial Riverbeds over Northern Italy

Church on the Hill, Italy
Church on the Hill, dwarfed by the Alps

First view of Austria
First view of Austria

Snail on plant
During lunch stop at another service station, with spectacular views over the valley

Fly on flower

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Venice – The City of Water

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Exploring the wondrous city of Venice, can only be achieved by water and on foot. Venice is unique in many ways, with endless beautiful detailed buildings perched alongside the water. Capturing the sights from the gondola boat ride, through the twisting passages and underneath low bridges was definitely a highlight and impossible to ignore. Later in the afternoon, took in the spectacular views from atop St Mark’s Campanile, witnessing the sprawl of intricate architecture over hidden islands.

Venice from Rialto Bridge
Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge

Narrow passage of Venice
Narrow passageways

Venice Wedding Photographer
Wedding photos in St Mark’s Square

View to San Giorgio Maggiore
View to San Giorgio Maggiore

Gondolier in Venice
Venice Gondalier

Pigeon in St Mark's Square, Venice
Pigeon in St Mark’s Square

Pigeons overun Venice
Too many pigeons for my liking

Venice Gondola Top Deck
Gondola Riding – Niki, Pete, Grant, Richie and Warren

Venice Gondola Bricks
Passing old buildings in the narrow canals

Cindy at the Grand Canal
Arriving into the Grand Canal

Having a laugh in Venice
Cindy, having a good laugh

Gondola, Grand Canal, Venice

Venice Gondola Ride

Gondola, Venice

Gonola Ride, under bridge
Riding under one of the 400 bridges

Slow shutter speed on Gondola, Venice
0.6 seconds on a Gondola

San Giorgio Maggiore
San Giorgio Maggiore

View from atop St Mark's Campanile
St Mark’s Square – Notice the water patches from high tide

Endless views over Venice
Endless views over Venice

More views from the Campanile.

Pigeon passes St Mark's Campanile
Yet another pigeons flies by St Mark’s Campanile

Venice Moorings

Thunderstorm approaches Venice
Terrific thunderstorm approaches Venice

Speed boat in Venice
Speed boat, passing St Mark’s Campanile

Venice Thunderstorm
Heavy thunderstorm clouds over Venice

Painting Santa Maria della Salute from Accademia Bridge
Painting Santa Maria della Salute from Accademia Bridge

Slow waters over Venice
Slow shutter speed over Venice

Slow shutter over Venice

Sunset over Venice buildings
Low sunlight over Venice after the thunderstorm clears

Rich buildings in Venice
Rich coloured buildings are always a spectacle

Constitution Bridge, Venice
Ending back at Constitution Bridge after 24 hours

Ready for an early morning departure, over Northern Italy, and into Vienna, Austria.

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Grand Canal by Night

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The beautiful city of Venice is built upon 118 small islands, connected by 177 canals, and a whopping 400 bridges. Arriving in the early evening after a long day driving from Rome, Peter and I decided to head into the city for an hour to take in a view of the Grand Canal.

Constitution Bridge, Venice
The newly built Constitution Bridge, connecting the bus and rail terminals

Constitution Bridge, Venice

Peter alongside the Grand Canal

Grand Canal Venice at Night
Light trails from passing boats

Chiesa degli Scalzi - Church of the Barefoot
Chiesa degli Scalzi – Church of the Barefoot

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Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

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O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father and refuse thy name;
Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love
And I’ll no longer be a Capulet.

Passing through the historic city of Verona, Northern Italy, our tour dropped by the scene of Juliet’s Balcony.

Romeo & Juliet
Romeo & Juliet Balcony

Many Gelato Ice Cream vendors – much needed in 30°C heat!

Funny moment as Richie from Perth has an unexpected visitor

A scene from the movies

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Ancient Rome & Colosseum

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Every angle of the streets of Rome is a marvel, with ancient ruins and cobbled streets viewable in every direction.

Foro di Cesare (Forum of Caesar)
Foro di Cesare (Forum of Caesar) – Built between 54 & 46BC

Colosseum in Daylight
Due to the G8 summit, and visiting world leaders including Barack Obama, we were unable to get any closer.

Rome Colosseum reflected
Reflections on Niki

With the hassles of not being able to shoot the Colosseum up close or inside, Peter and I decided to venture off later in the evening once the area was reopened.

Arch of Constantine & Colosseum
Arch of Constantine & Colosseum

Colosseum at Night

Colosseum detail at night with moon
Colosseum Detail with the moon rising

Colosseum and Traffic Trails
Light trails by the Colosseum at which point we had to rush back to catch our last metro and bus around midnight.

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Roman Streets

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Quickly acclimatising to the Italian heat, Peter and I ventured West of the city of Rome to our start of our action packed 16 day tour. Our first two nights were to be spent at the modern and clean facilities of Camping Roma. Being wary of directions from their website, we found the correct metro and bus connections to arrive just after lunch time. First stop, pizza!

Meeting our exciting tour leader Michelle, and coach driver Billy for the first time we ventured back to central Rome.

Well known shopping street of Rome, with top brands including  Armani, D&G and Prada.

Spanish Steps, Rome
The crowded Spanish Steps

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain amongst more massive crowds

Temple of Hadrian, Rome
Temple of Hadrian

Roman Street

Horse drawn carriage at Pantheon, Rome
Pantheon – incredibly built in 126AD

The open ceiling causing light to filter down from the 142 foot tall roof

Piazza Navona

Street artist in Piazza Navona.

Fontana del Moro, Rome
Fontana del Moro – 1576

Cobbled street in Rome
Cobbled street in Rome

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Destination Roma!

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With one of my best friends from New Zealand visiting, decided to tag along on a 16 day Eastern European tour with the Top Deck company. We had to rendezvous our group at 2pm in the city of Rome, so needed a fairly early departure from London Gatwick to get there. Flying in with Easyjet to Rome Fiumicino, it was a smooth non eventful ride.

G-EZAN - A319 Cockpit
Cockpit of our Easyjet A319 (G-EZAN)

Flying across English countryside
Flying over English countryside

Alps from A319
Flying over the Alps

Rome from Air
First view of Italy, village on outskirts of Rome

Following this, we caught the recommended train from the airport with the Leonardo Express. This is where our first bit of trouble happened, as we weren’t told we had to validate tickets on a machine, despite just buying them from a cashier next to the trains. The €11 tickets, soon became an extra €50 on the train, after the conductor wasn’t accepting our lack of knowledge as an excuse.

All smiles, about to board the Leonardo Express

Don't travel Leonardo Express in Rome
The resulting fine, and expensive first day!

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London Strobist Portraits

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Another evening meetup with the local London POTN crew, had a fun evening shooting and experimenting with various lighting setups.



Laura and Yoland

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