Calangute Beach New Years Eve

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After spending a week around the beautiful island of Jua, enjoying the villages of Santo Estevam and Marcela on the mainland, we decided it was time to venture back to the beachside apartment for New Years celebrations. Stocking up on food supplies from the Mapusa market, Angus and I were preparing ourselves for the final few days in Goa! Time sure has flown.

Green & red Tomatoes

Green Beans

Mutton ready for the Slaughter
Mutton ready for the chop

Mapusa Market Seller
Mapusa Market Seller – All to keen for a photo

Mapusa Banana Market

Calangute Goa fisherman

Calangute Beach people

Calangute Jetski

Final Sunset of 2009 India
Final sunset of 2009, from Calangute, Goa, India

Angus 2009
Angus farewelling 2009

2009 Dusk

Blue Moon December 2009
Once in a blue moon… two full months within one calendar month

On the strike of midnight, Calangute beach and all the adjoining beaches (Candolim, Sinquerim and Baga), brightly lit up with thousands of fireworks and bonfires to welcome in the Year of 2010. Making this an even more special New Years, a partial lunar eclispe occurred only a few minutes later.

Lunar Eclipse Goa 2009 2010
Lunar Eclipse of 2009 / 2010

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Rural Adventures of Goa

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Returning back to Marcela the following morning, Raju was keen on showing more of the bush in the neighbouring areas, including his own property and yet more fruit! πŸ™‚ It was a great walk, seeing a beautiful, peaceful view of India, as we encountered many various animals and workers in the field.

Banana Tree Goa
Bananas on Raju’s property

Millions of Ants

Dog with Mange
The sad face of a local dog with mange

Caterpillar Goa

Red Dragonfly Goa

King Cobra Nest
Massive King Cobra nest

One of the many tropical birds

Yep, another

Pineapple growing, Goa


Rich Paddy Field

Wilderness adventures, reminiscent of “Stand by Me”

Water buffalo, India
Water buffalo

Water buffalo, India

Stunning Kingfisher
Another stunning Kingfisher

Indian Shack

Paddy field worker

Wasps India

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Marcela, Goa

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Located between Old Goa and the road to Santo Estevam, Marcela is a small town where Angus’s grandmother has lived for many years. Her property has its own spring water well, and many fruit trees, which Raju was kind enough to get some coconuts down for the fresh milk.


Breaking Coconut

Fresh Coconut
Angus scooping the coconut out

Fresh well water
Fresh spring water from the well

Raju with a crab from a water hole nearby

Crab Goa

10 points for what this is?

Kingfisher, Goa

Rice field, Goa

View from atop water tank in Marcela bush

More rice fields from atop the water tank

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White Sands of Colva and Palolem

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After Christmas celebrations, we planned a trip to the beauty of Colva and Palolem beaches. Unfortunately the sun wasn’t shining as strongly as before, and both beaches were very crowded. After waiting around in the evening until sunset, it simply didn’t come! Driving the 4×4 home after dark was certainly a new experience too – driving for almost two hours from the furthest reaches of Goa.

Colva Parasailing
Colva Parasailing

The highlight of the day, was seeing Angus’ nephew, Matthew, experience the sea and sand.

Raju (friend of family from Marcela, Goa) & Matthew

Palolem Sunset Goa
Sun disappearing amongst the clouds

Beach shacks Palolem
Beach shacks Palolem

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Christmas in Sant Estevam

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After our beach excursions, Angus and I headed back to his family home in Santo Estevam (St Stephen’s) to experience Christmas. We attended a Christmas service in the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa, whilst witnessing the village of Santo Estevam transforming with celebrations, lights and many nativity scenes.

Christmas Lights

Neighbours in Sant Estevam, Goa

Family Sant Estevam
Friendly family in the village

Boxing Day was spent chilled in the village, and eating several feasts πŸ˜‰

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Anjuna Flea Market

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After hearing about the weekly flea market in Anjuna, we decided to head along on another hot Wednesday. Riding our favourite mode of transport, Rickshaw, we skimmed past the traffic and arrived in the massive field filled with hundreds of market stalls. Knowing there would be large crowds, I left the camera bag back at the apartment, only taking the Canon 1DIII and 85L lens for dreamy shots.

Cow in Calangute

Rickshaw Driver
Rickshaw Driver

Rickshaw Horn
Rickshaw Horn – great importance πŸ˜‰

Escaping the market jam, ventured onto the beach for a restaurant

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Red Vagator Beach

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Ventured further north to the rocky red coastline of Vagator Beach, before settling down in the evening at Little Vagator Beach. Despite clouding over during most of the afternoon, the sunset shone through amazingly red, complementing the rockface.

Vagator Beach

Yet more cows, near Little Vagator

Flies on Cow

Little Vagator sunset

Little Vagator sunset

Very slippery rocks, where I almost had an underwater experience!

Red Vagator

Warren & Angus after sunset at Vagator Beach

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Shipwrecked Sands of Sinquerim, Candolim & Calangute

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White sands stretch 7km southward from Baga, through Calangute, Candolim and finally Sinquerim. Nestled in the southern end of coastline between Candolim and Sinquerim lies the Merchant Vessel, the River Princess. After running aground ten years ago, it has caused environmental issues, such as rusted shards of steel on the beach. It does however make an interesting photo subject!

Lifeguards Calangute
Lifeguards on duty in Calangute

Fisherman Calangute, Goa, India
Fisherman, untangling his nets

Fresh juice Goa
Selling fresh fruit on the beach of Calangute

Later in the day, Angus and I decided to hire a taxi from Calangute to the River Princess shipwreck. Frustratingly, taxis aren’t metered in Goa, and they usually offer exhorbitant cash amounts up front. Several times the cost than in Mumbai! After finally negotiating a van driver down to just 200 Rupees ($6), we took the 10min trip further along the beach.

More cows πŸ˜›

Cows and stray dogs Goa
Stray dogs give the cows some problems, as we witnessed on various beaches

Whilst other cows must be wary of their own kind

Parasailing Goa
Parasailing across Candolim

Jet Skies River Princess
Jet skis near the stern of the River Princess

Calf Goa

River Princess Silhouette, Goa
River Princess silhouetted

Bow of the River Princess, with the sun setting through the hazy sky

Candolim Beach Shipwreck Animation
Several exposures with the incoming tide

Goa Jump Animation
Jumping fun (shot by Angus)

As twilight set in, I shot a few long exposures with various filters:

Candolim Beach Shipwreck Sunset
No filters

Two graduated ND filters on top (.6 hard and .9 soft)

5 minute exposure
5 minute exposure

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Fort Aguada & Arambol Beach Sunset

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The impressively large Fort Aguada was built by the Portuguese in the seventeenth century, with views stretching across the Arabian Sea. It was rather unbearable walking around here, in mid thirties temperature, and humidity soaring into the 90’s! Definitely the hottest day of the trip.

Fort Aguada, Goa

Later in the day as the heat slowly faded, we all ventured up to the northern reaches of Goa, to the popular tourist beach of Arambol. Another surprising experience, with thousands of people around, along with the odd cow walking along the sands – something I hadn’t seen in photos whilst researching Goa.

Arambol Cows

Cosy Cow Lounger

Close up cows arambol

Cow silhouette

Arambol Boat, Goa

Stray dogs

Angus, using one of my spare cameras, capturing the orange hue sunset

Arambol Sunset, Goa

Angus and the reflecting sunset

Angus Gomes

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Panjim Fish Market

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After spending a couple of days around the beautiful Sant Estevam village, Angus and I decided it was time to spend some time in the apartment in Calangute, cooling off from the extreme heat with the neighbouring sea. We stopped in Goa’s largest city – Panjim (also known as Punaji), for a quick wander, coming across the pungeant fish market.

Fish Market, Panjim, Goa

Following the walk, we ventured off to the busy party town of Baga, near Calangute to have some refreshing drinks and a late lunch.

Matthew, and his milky drink

Adorable πŸ™‚

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Giant Golden Orb Spiders

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We took an hours drive to the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, only to find it was shut on Thursdays! Just nearby we had noticed the Pascoal Spice Farm – offering a view of the spice plantations and a restaurant set amongst some tropical forest. After a massive meal of chicken, fish curry rice and various drinks, we decided to wander amongst their walkways to burn off the food. Early on the path, we came face to face with this monster of a spider.. the size of a hand, it looked rather intimidating but was in fact quite harmless – something I only found out after shaking nervously a few inches away.

Golden Orb Spider India

Shooting underneath, I was sure it was about to launch an attack

Golden Orb Spider India

Golden Orb Spider India

Angus and his nephew, Matthew

Jua Bridge, Santo Estevam
Jua Bridge, to Santo Estevam – the alternative longer route

Sant Estevam

Friendly villager of Santo Estevam, selling fried potato and samosa

Fried samosa Goa

Goan 85L
Another villager awaiting her order

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Breaking free into Goa

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Following the awful bus experience, it was a great relief to finally make it into Goa. Despite the traffic still being rather busy, the air was noticeably clearer, and able to see distant objects, rather than thick haze. After hastily getting off the bus in Mapusa, we were whisked away in the great comfort of an air conditioned 4×4. Angus’s father was kind enough to drive us by the scenic areas, including Calangute showing off the apartment we would be spending some time in, before driving through Old Goa. One of the main features of Old Goa is the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which is over 400 years old, making it one of the oldest in India.

Car ferry to St Stephen's
Just beyond Old Goa, along one of the country roads is a small car ferry servic, which took us from the mainland to the island of Jua and the mostly Catholic village of Santo Estevam.

Gomes Residence, Goa
The Gomes residence in Sant Estevam – Great homely large home πŸ™‚

Sant Estevam
Walking adventure around Santo Estevam

Blue skies of Goa
Clearer blue skies, and clean water!

Sant Estevam Pigs
Got Bacon!

Weathered roof tiles

Two contrasting crosses
Two contrasting crosses

Abandoned house

Abandoned house
Under the still prevalent Portuguese Laws, the historic homes cannot be destroyed. Only passed through the generations, with more recently over the past century many emigrating overseas leaving the houses to slowly deteriorate and add a great feel.

Abandoned house in Sant Estevam, Goa, India
Old furniture through the walls

Old front door

Abandoned house in Sant Estevam, Goa, India
Shooting from the side door which is sitting ajar – this house was simply amazing!

Later in the evening, Angus and I took a walk up the hill of Jua to see the Statue of Sacred Heart / Shine to Christ the King

Statue of Sacret Heart
Waren & Angus atop the monument

Ruins Sant Estevam
Fort Ruins atop the hill of Jua

Jua Sunset, Goa
The Fort of St Francis Xavier – built in 1668

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Onwards to Evershine Nagar, Malad West

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After finally receiving some more adequate sleep, Angus and I ventured off via taxi to the north of Mumbai, to his family home in Evershine Nagar, Malad West. What a way to experience true Indian traffic firsthand! – The fairly short journey took a whopping two and a half hours, so I managed to admire the surroundings in the scorching street heat and snap a few shots.

Feet of Rickshaw driver
Rickshaw driver

CNG Mumbai
Our taxi being filled with CNG – commonplace in Mumbai

Capacity: 3 idiots
Pun of the recent movie “3 idiots” on the back of a rickshaw

Clearly on a road with no traffic

Once we had reached the neighbourhood of Evershine Nagar, Angus and I decided to have a quick wander around the small local streets.

Bananas Mumbai
Ripening bananas

Oranges in Mumbai

Loaded bicycle in Mumbai
Heavily loaded bicycle

Pineapple Mumbai
Fresh pineapple

Man through a drain pipe
Street stall through a large drainage pipe

Apartments in Evershine Nagar

Friendly dog outside the apartment

Sunset Evershine Nagar
Sunset from the 4th floor of the apartment

Right at this moment, we made a hasty getaway to the highway for our bus trip to Goa. Simply put; the WORST trip I have ever done. 7pm until 9am the following morning, as we traversed what seemed like the windiest roads possible on the journey south. Sleeping wasn’t possible amongst the winding roads, and bopping to the ring-a-ting-ting Bollywood movies on offer, with treble echoing around the bus. I strongly recommend anyone to fly down – or even catch a train.

Coca-Cola 3-wheeler truck whilst waiting for our bus

Rickshaw motion blur
Zooming Rickshaw

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Encounters of Mumbai, India

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After arriving into Mumbai around 3am, I finally managed to have a couple hours sleep, before setting off for some sights around the incredibly busy city with Angus.

Bamboo construction supports
Temporary building supports?

Corner shop Mumbai
Chemist in Vile Parle

Cows Vile Parle Mumbai
From outside the hotel, near airport in Vile Parle

For lunch, we headed into Bandra by Auto Rickshaw – to meet a fellow photographer friend, Darryl Baptista who kindly offered to drive us around the city to see the main sights across the afternoon and evening. The 8km journey was a great first insight into Indian transportation and traffic – recording a video along the whole route – which only came to 70 rupees (NZ$2). I’ll try and share some videos once the photos are all online!

Church in Bandra

Angus Mumbai
Angus waiting for Darryl in the shade

Sleeping man Mumbai
During our drive into the city, many workers were sleeping off the extreme heat

Rajiv Ghandi Sea Link Bridge
Driving across the newly completed Rajiv Ghandi Sea Link from Bandra to Worli, cutting commuting from an hour to just seven minutes


Dhobi Ghat, Mumbai - clothe washing
The famous Dhobi Ghat – Mahalakshmi, Mumbai

Dhobi Ghat Blue
A sea of Blue

Dhobi Ghat Mumbai

Dhobi Ghat Mumbai

Dhobi Ghat Red

Gateway of India – following our quick view of Dhobi Ghat, we visited the large Gateway of India – located on the waterfront of the Apollo Bunder area in South Mumbai. This overlooks the Taj Mahal hotel, which was bombed in November 2008, and is still under refurbishment.

Gateway of India, Mumbai
These happy strangers were eager to have their photo taken

Elephanta Caves Boats
Many boats returning from the Elephanta Caves – (City of Caves), which I’ve been told is a great excursion to do if you have the time

Gateway of India, Mumbai
Gateway of India Arch

Darryl, Warren & Angus – before being told by a heavily armed policeman, “No Tripod!”

Horse in Mumbai, India

Later in the evening, Darryl Baptista took us along to his current photographic exhibition running in the Soul Fry Casa restaurant. His exhibition, “Bombay Duck to Peking Duck”, was a great display of seascapes from around Goa, Mumbai and afar to Hong Kong. It was great to see his selection of shots, and hear about his committments to travelling and showcasing these special areas.

Darryl Baptista
Darryl Baptista – showcasing his photo exhibition – Bombay Duck to Peking Duck

Bombay Duck to Peking Duck photo exhibition

Thank you Darryl for your tremendous insight and advice to my travels around Goa!

Jandals in Mumbai
Jandals in the streets of Mumbai in an evening street stall

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Destination India!

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With my decision to return downunder permanently, the timing couldn’t have worked out any better, with one of my best friends, Angus, inviting me along for a four week trip to India. Mixing our time up between the busy and chaotic city of Mumbai (Bombay), and to one of India’s finest states of Goa for a very hot winter. Whilst in Goa, our time will also be divided between the Kamat Holiday Home apartments at Calangute Beach, and further inland at the beautiful Santo Estevam village on Jua Island.

As customary on my previous trips, I flew Emirates airline, reserving a window seat to enjoy the views from 35,000 feet in the air.

Emirates 777-300 A6-EMR
Emirates 777-300

Alps 35,000 feet
The Alps


Sunset over Middle East
Sunset before arriving into Dubai

Twilight Emirates 777-300

Check back soon for many updates from India (It’s been a busy few weeks back in NZ)

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