Cradle Mountain Ascent

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The imposing Cradle Mountain, standing 1545metres (5069ft) tall looked like a formidable peak to climb. Rising to the challenge, decided to head up via the Marions lookout track, packed with camera gear, water and a heavy tripod (quite possibly the silliest idea of 2008!). The total trek took over eight hours, including the final hour of ascent of Cradle Mountain,  scrambling over large boulders on the very steep slope.

A few hours later the next morning, Cradle Mountain comes into view

Lake Lilla, during the ascent of Marion’s lookout

Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake

Climbing dangerous loose rocks overlooking Dove Lake

And the view left

Ascended the very steep rocky area to the left

Looking South with Mark atop a safer platform

Valley behind Cradle Mountain

The actual summit was further West along the range, however didn’t provide views over Dove Lake and the valley below. Rather than keeping to the path, many climbers including myself went straight up, which was steeper, more dangerous, but provided far superior views.

Following the edge track back, provided good views over Dove Lake

Eight hours later, the light has changed over the boat shed

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