Karori Wildlife Sanctuary

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Kitted with Tim’s 20D and 17-55mm f2.8 IS lens and my own Sigma 120-300mm, I made the attempt to find something interesting to do. Walked along to the information centre, grabbed some brochures, and was off for a quick read. I had my eyes fixed on the Seal visit, but seemed rather expensive, and had seen some in Kaikoura, in late 2005, so wasn’t too worried about seeing them. Decided to check out the wildlife sanctuary up in Karori.

Before heading East, took a quick stroll around Frank Kitts Park, and Te Papa…

A quick 10 min bus ride (yeah Wellington is very small ;)) – and I was already there. Surprisingly the air was still.

Soon through the entrance, I met a young German couple, Daniel & Annalena (hello!) – www.dspiecker.com

Here are just a few of the birds I stumbled across:

After walking for 6 hours practically non stop, decided it was time to head back.

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