Destination Sardinia!

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After a whirlwind tour of Europe, what better way to chill than to head to the tropical waters surrounding beautiful Sardinia, Italy. Located in the Mediterannean, I was asked along by Ayla who was finishing off her Middle East/European tour with a week camping around northern Sardinia. The flight was only £15 at last minute, flying directly to the coastal town of Alghero.

RyanAir EI-DCH (737-800) into Alghero, Sardinia
RyanAir – EI-DCH (737-800)
The lack of rainfall very obvious over Sardinia

Alghero Marina
Alghero Marina, after catching the 70cent bus from airport to town (why can’t other cities be this cheap?)

After pitching the tent in La Mariposa, we treaded the few steps to the beach for the ensuing sunset

Ayla Alghero Beach
Ayla on the busy golden sands of Alghero beach

Alghero Beach Sunset
View from the beach access from La Mariposa towards Alghero – around 2km away

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