Road Trippin’ Sardinia

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After a couple of days exploring the local flavours of Alghero, Ayla and I decided it was time to venture off around the mediterannean island. With our newly met English friends, Adele and Hazel, who happened to be on the same flight and bus, we convinced them to come along for some fun, music and more secluded sights of Sardinia. With a quick check of the maps, decided to head south to the town of Bosa, before venturing cross country to Cala Gonone on the east coast of the island. A few wrong turns later, (sign posting is almost nonexistent!) and we had found some great beaches to relax at. The Italian cuisine continued to roll through, pastas, pizza, wine, before finding a suitable place to camp up for the night – another beach!

Alghero Coastline
View along the coastal drive from Alghero to Bosa – Beautiful, smooth winding roads, with impressive views

Bosa River
Arriving into Bosa – Temo River

Bosa Bridge
Parking across the Temo River, with a daunting walk across the narrow bridge

Bosa Clock
More impressive architecture, with an old clock

Bosa across River
Temo River, from Bosa

Bosa Blue

Amazing Cala Gonone Beach
Beaches near Cala Gonone

Pristine Cala Fuili
Pristine Cala Fuili

Waters of Cala Fuili
Clear waters of Cala Fuili

Cala Fuili Rocks
From the northern end of Cala Fuili

Sunset Costa Esmeralda
Sunset from the road, near Costa Esmeralda

Ayla with Kittens
Ayla with wild Kitten

Warren & Ayla, Sardinia
Warren & Ayla after watching the sunset from the road

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