Encounters of Mumbai, India

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After arriving into Mumbai around 3am, I finally managed to have a couple hours sleep, before setting off for some sights around the incredibly busy city with Angus.

Bamboo construction supports
Temporary building supports?

Corner shop Mumbai
Chemist in Vile Parle

Cows Vile Parle Mumbai
From outside the hotel, near airport in Vile Parle

For lunch, we headed into Bandra by Auto Rickshaw – to meet a fellow photographer friend, Darryl Baptista who kindly offered to drive us around the city to see the main sights across the afternoon and evening. The 8km journey was a great first insight into Indian transportation and traffic – recording a video along the whole route – which only came to 70 rupees (NZ$2). I’ll try and share some videos once the photos are all online!

Church in Bandra

Angus Mumbai
Angus waiting for Darryl in the shade

Sleeping man Mumbai
During our drive into the city, many workers were sleeping off the extreme heat

Rajiv Ghandi Sea Link Bridge
Driving across the newly completed Rajiv Ghandi Sea Link from Bandra to Worli, cutting commuting from an hour to just seven minutes


Dhobi Ghat, Mumbai - clothe washing
The famous Dhobi Ghat – Mahalakshmi, Mumbai

Dhobi Ghat Blue
A sea of Blue

Dhobi Ghat Mumbai

Dhobi Ghat Mumbai

Dhobi Ghat Red

Gateway of India – following our quick view of Dhobi Ghat, we visited the large Gateway of India – located on the waterfront of the Apollo Bunder area in South Mumbai. This overlooks the Taj Mahal hotel, which was bombed in November 2008, and is still under refurbishment.

Gateway of India, Mumbai
These happy strangers were eager to have their photo taken

Elephanta Caves Boats
Many boats returning from the Elephanta Caves – (City of Caves), which I’ve been told is a great excursion to do if you have the time

Gateway of India, Mumbai
Gateway of India Arch

Darryl, Warren & Angus – before being told by a heavily armed policeman, “No Tripod!”

Horse in Mumbai, India

Later in the evening, Darryl Baptista took us along to his current photographic exhibition running in the Soul Fry Casa restaurant. His exhibition, “Bombay Duck to Peking Duck”, was a great display of seascapes from around Goa, Mumbai and afar to Hong Kong. It was great to see his selection of shots, and hear about his committments to travelling and showcasing these special areas.

Darryl Baptista
Darryl Baptista – showcasing his photo exhibition – Bombay Duck to Peking Duck

Bombay Duck to Peking Duck photo exhibition

Thank you Darryl for your tremendous insight and advice to my travels around Goa!

Jandals in Mumbai
Jandals in the streets of Mumbai in an evening street stall

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  1. Darryl Baptista said,

    March 28, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    Thanks Warren for visiting my photo exhibition and including some of the photos in your wonderful blog. It was really a great honour and pleasure to meet the two talented people,You the great photographer and Angus the artist and illustrator here in Mumbai. I do hope we meet again. Cheers!

  2. Cherie said,

    February 14, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    Just by chance I came across your photos of St. Estevam and I know the derelict house that you pictured – I walked past it several times as a child. I was very upset to see the state of it. I am one of the families whose houses lie vacant. Of course, both my family homes lie empty (one is my dad’s family home and one is my mum’s) – we have a caretaker who goes and looks after them. One day I hope to go back and take the beautiful old Portuguese furniture with me back to my home in London (if my dad allows it). Some of your pictures of St. Estevam tells me that it has changed considerably since my childhood days (not as beautiful as I remember it). I remember Sambaji’s fort and the statue of Jesus the redeemer at ‘dongrar’. I think that you are a very talented photographer (skimmed through most – only really looked at the ones from Goa). Thank you for sharing it on the net.

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