Shaila & Rajiv’s Post Wedding Fun

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After being unable to shoot Shaila & Rajiv’s recent wedding, due to being in London for much of the past year, I was privileged enough to shoot some portraits of their families. The location was the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial near Mission Bay, overlooking the city and harbour. Shaila was beautifully adorned in her colourful sari, along with henna scribed over her hands and feet. Katrina was also along for some awesome creative shots herself, and occasionally lending her skill of holding the light reflector to make use of the golden evening light.

Shaila applying the final touches to her mum

Auckland Wedding

Shaila with her brother and sister

Rajiv with his sister Suhani

Rangitoto Wedding
Overlooking the Hauraki Gulf and Rangitoto Island

Katrina Elton Photographer
Katrina having some fun between shooting


Rajiv’s mum – Saroj

Shaila’s younger sister, Shainal

Shaila’s lovely earring which was momentarily lost

Golden light at Okahu Bay

Newlywed beach

Silhouetted beach wedding

Auckland Wedding Photographer
Orakei Wharf for sunset

Auckland Indian Wedding Photographer

Dancing Wedding Shoot
Swaying down Orakei Wharf

Wedding Ring Auckland Wedding Photographer
Macro shot by Katrina

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