West Coast Beauty

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Spent much of the past week visiting several beaches, including taking an English friend to the tranquility of Whatipu near the mouth of the Manukau Harbour. Here’s just a snippet from the recent beach adventures:

Whatipu Lookout
Whatipu Beauty – Short walk from the gravel road

Whatipu Reflections
Whatipu Stream

Kat and Shirley shooting spiders in the gorse

Spent the following few days at Kat’s farm overlooking the hills of Bethells and Waitakere.

Sunset from the farm

More views over the hundreds of acres towards Bethells Beach

Ziggy on guard by the pool, amongst amazing lighting

Further rich skies over the farm and one of the houses with shearing shed

The following evening, Kat and I decided to head down to Bethells Beach, and capture some fun portraits before a couple of sunset landscapes.

Katrina Elton

Bethells Beach Model

Bethells Beach Boxer

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