Danger! Ice Kills

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As temperatures continue to fall, the landscape around clearly shows winter has arrived. The local lake at Danson Park had almost completely frozen over, with just a puddle of water for a few of the remaining birds.


London Sightseeing

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Spent the weekend sightseeing London, via a 48 hour double decker bus pass, London Dungeons, Tower of London, London Museum and Trafalgar Square.

Boat passing along the Thames

Double decker, passing Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

Trafalgar Square

Pigeon Hunter – Trafalgar Square

Big Ben (which is fact the bell inside ;))

St Bride’s Church, Fleet Street

St Paul’s Cathedral

Gates to Tower of London

London Museum just before closing


Frozen Danson Lake

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An icy blast reminded us how close we are to winter. With temperatures plummeting down to -5°C, it was inevitable that the lake at Danson Park would start to freeze over.


Elgol, Isle of Skye

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Arriving on Isle of Skye for the first time, I took the beautiful scenic drive along to Elgol with impressive views over the Cuillins.

The road to Elgol

Village of Torrin, on road to Elgol – The luckiest telephone box

Bahaaaha – Translation – “I’m stuck

View from Elgol, over the Cuillins

Light of Scotland – Loch Duich

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The surrounding areas of Dornie are filled with mountainous views, and Lochs. The light was dark and moody, but the sun would seep through the clouds, lighting up the valley below. Meanwhile I found an eagle gracefully soaring the cliff tops, but even with my longest lens, was still a fair distance away.


Scottish Road Trip

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Heading North West through Scotland, came across a river softly lit up by a street lamp, mixing with a 3min long shutter speed to blur the stars

Following on the A82 towards Glencoe, many deer were seen near to the roads, eyes lit up by the passing headlights.


White Cliffs

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Revisited Saint Margaret’s on Cliffe, on a calm Sunday afternoon. My cousin Steven was in tow, and a good photo subject! Beats some of the exile I’ve experienced whilst travelling around.

Warren & Steven


Tynemouth, UK

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After a lengthy drive from London to Newcastle yesterday, took a peaceful afternoon out to Tynemouth with Adam.

About to get wet

Tomorrow heading to the beautiful Lake Districts to scout some good photo locations.



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After the flying display at Eastbourne, there was an RAF dog agility demonstration on the field.


Hadrian’s Cows

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Off the beaten track, behind Hadrian’s Wall, I came across some cows nearby to the country road.

Just the cutest calf, in the perfect setting

English countryside, Hadrian’s Wall

“This is making me cross-eyed”

Cow legs?


Eagle Heights, Kent

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Visited a popular bird of prey place in the beautiful countryside of Eynsford, Kent. Featuring 150 birds, including eagles, vultures, falcons, owls, and even the hideous Marabou stork.



Feed Me – Click for FULL Resolution


Birds of Prey, Warwick Castle

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My favourite display at Warwick Castle, was the Birds of Prey flying demonstrations. Featuring sea eagles, golden eagles, buzzards, an owl and a couple of vultures, made for an exciting show.

Air brakes

Bag of Fluff


Danson Park, Kent

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My first day in England, was a slow one, after recovering from a 12 day rush of sights, attractions and travel.

I’m now living next to Danson Park, Welling, Kent (South East London). This was my childhood park, when I used to live here two score ago.


Monkey Beach, Phi Phi Don, Thailand

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The following morning, left Railay Bay by ferry, to Ton Sai Bay, Phi Phi Don. I had booked in 2 nights at the Phi Phi Villa Resort feeling like a little splurge, after everything else had been relatively cheap.

A popular afternoon/evening excursion is the sunset cruise, departing at 3pm daily. It includes snorkelling, kayaking, seeing monkeys, a visit to Maya Bay (scenes from “The Beach” movie) on Phi Phi Le. Dinners, and drinks were included, so at 350 baht, (NZ$15) this was a bargain!

Monkey Beach, was the first destination. 2minutes from the pier. We dived into the deep water, and snorkelled up and over the shallow coral, onto the small golden sand beach. We were provided some fruit for feeding them, and watch the manic behaviour of them. One moment they’re timid, and a moment later they’ll go aggressive, especially around the young ones. The tour company also provided a waterproof bag for carrying everyones cameras to the shore…

Attack mode

Cute mode

I knew the lens cap would come in handy for something..

The cutest of them all – whilst mummy gets some fresh fruit


Ant & Tour Buses

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After a smal rest from Tonle Sap, paid US$10 for the “luxury” coach, for a faster trip. Fast it was, for 10km. Bang. The front right tyre blew out, and this is when a typical “not-sure-what-to-do” scenario came into effect. Took 45min of patient waiting on the bus, for them to say, please get off, we need to take off the wheel. Well the wheel was already off, and the bus sat precariously on a small jack. After almost three hours waiting, they finally decided to send another bus from the depot just down the road.

During the wait, I was left to photograph ants, and talk to a couple other travelling photographers.

20D + 24-105L

The bus rolled up into the darkness of Phnom Pheng around 9pm. After leaving at just after 12 midday, it was a long time to sit around on a bus! Tomorrow involves an early flight, wait at the airport, before another flight to Krabi around lunchtime.

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