London Zoo

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The London zoo, is the oldest scientific zoo in the world, which opened in 1828. It’s currently undergoing a transformation to redevelop the animal environments to match their natural habitat. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to see the butterfly and aquarium exhibitions.

Outside Regents Park tube station


Sunset over Stonehenge

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A clear sunset over Stonehenge was a perfect way to end a trip away through Somerset and Wiltshire. Allowing plenty of time to travel, traffic was much heavier than expected, and almost missed the sunset altogether.

Sunset through Stonehenge

Stonehenge at Sunset

Stonehenge in twilight
Stonehenge in twilight, after sunset

Stonehenge details

Details of Stonehenge


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Roman Bath

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Next door to the Bath Abbey, is the Roman Bath museum – with remnants of the ancient baths that once stood there.

Bath Abbey

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The Abbey Church of Saint Peter, Bath is an Anglican parish church, with stunning attention to detail.

Entrance to Bath Abbey, and the Bath pool museum


Avon River, Bath

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Took a local boat trip around the Avon River, to catch a glimpse of some historical buildings and bridges along the water.

Our skipper and guide takes us close to the weir and Pulteney Bridge

Midnight at Stonehenge

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After a leisurely walk around Bath, decided to venture back to Stonehenge – a 45min drive, but well worth it.

The air was very still, but the typical light pollution in England made shooting rather difficult. After a couple of test shots to guage the exposure, decided around a 20minute exposure was needed. The resulting shot, was 1288 seconds – just over 21 minutes, with the glow over London clearly visible despite being 85 miles away.


Night Walk around Bath

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After a fun filled afternoon around Longleat, headed back to the accommodation in Bath, before taking a walk around the township – Lovely Victorian architecture flows onto the streets. The feature point of the town, being the many large historical churches and the Avon River snaking its way through town.

Pulteney Bridge, one of  only four bridges in the world to be lined with shops

Bath Abbey and Bath Museum

Avon River, looking back to Pulteney Bridge

Dances With Wolves

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With some great lighting through the trees at Longleat, the Canadian Timber Wolves shone brilliantly.

Longleat Lions

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Managed to get very close to a couple of lions, amongst the drive through safari at Longleat. Parked beside the first lion seen, just a couple of metres away, and managed to fire off several frames of a yawn – making them into a video:

Click for Lion Yawn Video

Longleat – Herbivores

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The Safari Park at Longleat, opened in 1966, first in the world after Africa to allow you to drive through the animal enclosures.

One of the many giraffes

Monkey business

Camel – Rude to eat with the mouth open?


Longleat House

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Longleat House is regarded as one of the finest examples of Elizabethan architecture in England. Set amongst 900 acres of parkland, a safari park and a maze – Longleat offers a fun-filled family day out.

Unfortunately, photography isn’t permitted inside, to display the fantastic designs within.


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Stonehenge is located in the South-West of England, featuring an historic stone monument dating back to almost 2500BC. The harsh midday lighting made shooting difficult, and crowds of people were also a problem – so decided to plan a trip back at another time.


Lydden Hill Fun

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Lydden Hill is a small multiple route circuit, between Canterbury and Dover in Kent. I was invited along to shoot some fun racing, trackside with my friend Jon, from www.snappyracers.com

The morning was rather wet, with saloon cars and other everyday cars, followed later by trucks and oval circuit racing.