Banham Zoo, Norfolk

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After a few days in Newcastle, travelling around Tynemouth, Lake District and Hadrian’s Wall, decided to drive down to Norfolk and visit some friends for a few days. First up was a quick trip to the local Banham Zoo.

Sarah enjoying the animal displays

Beautiful Toucan, through some unsightly fence!


The Real Hadrian’s Wall

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Surprise surprise, some photos I posted last year weren’t actually the wall, but something else. Deciding to put things right, ventured back there after leaving Ullswater.

View of Hadrian’s Wall, along a ridge – if you look closely, can see some people camping overnight

Cute cow

View from further along the ridge

With my friend Adam Gray, peak of summer, but very cold

Finally the early morning sun creeps through

Ullswater Sunrise

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After camping out from a late night, and being the peak of summer, sunrise was just after 4:30am! Lack of sleep didn’t help the concentration, but a few photos later, was interrupted by rain again, so decided to drive back to Newcastle, following the route of Hadrian’s Wall.

A break in the clouds, before five in the morning

Last shot before the heavy rain swept through


Trailing to the Moon

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Following a pub meal at Windermere – famous for it’s history of Beatrix Potter; author of the popular Peter Rabbit series, drove back across the Kirkstone Pass linking Windermere to Ullswater.

The Kirkstone Pass was just being lit up by the rising moon, and saw an opportunity of a lone car travelling the deserted highway.

Shortly before midnight

Lake District – England’s Garden

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An easy 90min drive West of Newcastle, opens up to the amazing views of the Lake District. With only one evening and morning to explore, decided to stay around Ullswater area, which is one of the more picturesque lakes.

Entrance to Ullswater from the North-East – a contrast to 9 months ago in Autumn:

Meanwhile as I set this shot up, 3 low flying RAF jets through low through the valley and across the lake. A shame I had the wide angle lens setup!

The scene where the jets had just flown by



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Another trip to Tynemouth, just a short drive East of Newcastle on a beautiful hot summers day.


Abstract Silverstone – Contact Juggling

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Walking past the McLaren-Mercedes stand in the F1 Village, came across these guys again, who this time had a glass ball for contact juggling

Race Day – Silverstone Formula 1

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Typical English weather greeted Silverstone for the climax of the weekend at 1pm. For sixty laps, twenty racers dodged heavy rain, and caught brief moments of sun. Lewis Hamilton in front of his home crowd, put in a scintillating wet weather drive, beating Nick Heidfeld and Rubens Barrichello by over a minute. Full gallery: www.warrenwilliams.co.nz/f1

Red Arrows, prior to the race

Hekki Kovalainen leads Hamilton and Raikkonen at the start

Fernando Alonso entering the start/finish line straight

Heikki Kovalainen

Lewis Hamilton receiving the support from fans after the heavy downpour

Felipe Massa heading straight, for a change

Mark Webber also had a disappointing race

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen, leading Heikki Kovalainen both from Finland

Lewis Hamilton winning, by 1min, 8 seconds

Full gallery viewable here:



F1 – Qualifying Day

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The crowds grew larger today, near capacity, whilst everyone witnessed some intense and surprising results. Heikki Kovalainen made his maiden pole position and Mark Webber completed the front row.

F1 Village, outside McLaren-Mercedes stand

Red Bull F1 car looking more like something out of Star Wars

Honda’s livery has been special the past couple of seasons

Lewis Hamilton, with his nations flag

Robert Kubica, BMW

Heikki Kovalainen after setting the pole lap

GP2 feeder series

Bruno Senna, nephew of the late and legendary Ayrton Senna

Mustang in the Historic Touring Cars qualifying


Formula 1 – Silverstone: Practice

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The British Grand Prix marks the half way point of the 2008 Formula One championship, which is closely fought between the top drivers of Felipe Massa, Robert Kubica, Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton. Fridays practice day had great weather, with many burnt faces by the end of the day. The outlook for the next couple days however, doesn’t look promising.

Current leader, Massa (Ferrari), exiting Luffields

Heidfeld (BMW)

Nose cone of the McLaren F1

Local, and crowd favourite, Lewis Hamilton

Fernando Alonso, back in Renault

Mark Webber from Australia, setting his usual fast times

Sebastien Bourdais (Toro Rosso)

Porsche GT3 in the support race