Bethells Triptych

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The UK Spring Bank holiday weekend is on presently, however as long weekends go, the bad weather has also arrived. Here’s a photo from Bethells, New Zealand, shot three years ago which I’ve previously made available in a triptych frame.

Bethells Triptych


Chislehurst Caves, Kent

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The Chislehurst caves, are a labyrinth of hand dug passageways, totalling 22 miles in length. Parts of the cave system are thought to be over 4000 years old, and once housed 15,000 people during World War II as an air raid shelter. More recently, concerts were peformed by Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and other big acts for the acoustic qualities, until health and safety put a stop to such performances.

Due to the low light, ISO 6400 used on all these shots, with the Canon 1D Mk III

Chislehurst Caves

Something you shouldn’t be doing by live explosives

Chislehurst Caves stage - Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix

Showing detail of hand dug caves

A recent addition -Carvings done by a female NZ artist

Temple of Doom?

Zoom effect

What’s up doll?



Urban London

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On the hottest day of the year so far – 27 degrees celsius – met up with a friend, Mitesh Tailor, of Clarity-Rebirth.co.uk and took a long walk around the streets of London capturing events/buildings/people throughout the city.

The death mask on the Tiki Love Truck – tile/mosaic ute

Lloyd’s of London stands tall

Old vs New (The Gherkin – St Mary Axe)

The Gherkin

Buckingham Palace


Further along watched the skateboarders and bike riders doing tricks at South Bank


Nano Mouse

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Whilst travelling, and moving around a lot, I’ve been using an Acer notebook for photo editing, but recently the mouse died on me, and was forced to use the touchpad recently – which is incredibly hard to use photoshop with. So set my sights on the Logitech VX Nano and was delivered this week from Amazon.co.uk. The USB wireless transmitter is incredibly small, and can stay permanently plugged in, without causing interference.


Millennium Bridge, St Paul’s and Tate Museum

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The May Day bank holiday weekend was a start to a long period of fine weather, Londoners have been long waiting for. Took the opportunity to take a walk around South Bank, Westminster and finally along Embankment ending up at the Millennium Bridge connecting St Paul’s Cathedral to Tate Museum across the Thames.

Bugatti Veyron – fastest accelerating production car – 0-200km/h in just 7.4 seconds

Millennium Bridge and Tate Musuem, with Thames at low tide

Ghostly figures walk along the Millennium Bridge

Westward to Blackfriar’s Bridge

St Pauls dominating the skyline over Millennium Bridge
St Pauls dominating the skyline over Millennium Bridge


Camden – Photography Meetup

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Recently joined a group of local Londoners to meet up and take photos at various locations around London. The first place was Camden Market, on a very busy Saturday afternoon.