Covent Garden meet

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With some miserable weather lately, headed out into London for one last shoot before heading back to NZ for a few months via Melbourne.

Jessica, about to venture off to Turkey and Iran for several weeks


Regent St lit up for Christmas


London Strobist

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Met some photographer friends, Andy and Mitesh for a walk around London whilst practicing some off-camera flash (commonly referred to as Strobist)

Before unwinding the day with a house party in Tower Hill


Scotney Castle, Kent

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Scotney Castle is a ruined 14th century, set in picturesque surroundings of a lake and English gardens.

A different mood

“Anke”, who runs the popular blog, http://anke.blogs.com/


Danson Park Fireworks

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Attended the fireworks show again at Danson Park, set across the lake. The weather was atrocious, with strong winds and rain pelting down.