Bodies in Urban Spaces

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Bodies in Urban Spaces, is choreographed by Austrian Willie Dorner, featuring 24 performers who use their bodies in peculiar places…

Bodies in Urban Spaces

Bodies in Urban Spaces

Imposter ūüėČ

Bodies in Urban Spaces

Bodies in Urban Spaces

Bodies in Urban Spaces

Street Performer, alongside the Thames

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Morning Exercise in Paris

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After just a few hours sleep from the great views around the Arc de Triomphe, we walked along to Trocadero to catch a glimpse of the sunrise over the Eiffel Tower. With some excess energy to burn, and missing out on some exercise recently, we had to improvise with our new surroundings…

Sunrise over Eiffel Tower from Pont de Bir-Hakeim
Dawn over Eiffel Tower from Pont de Bir-Hakeim

Water from Pont de Bir-Hakeim
A passing boat on the Seine stirs up some ripples

Jumping Trocadero


Tai Chi Paris Eiffel Tower
Tai Chi

Jumping the Eiffel Tower

Imminent collision

Frogger in Paris
Frogger in Paris

Pressup in Paris, Eiffel Tower
Pressups in Paris – Click for Larger

Dual Pressups

Eiffel Tower Morning Light
Eiffel Tower in early light

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Paris, City of Light

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Paris has often been referred to as the City of Light, since the early 19th Century, when gas lamps first lit up Champs-√Člys√©es. The weather continued to be great for us, as we strolled along the River Seine, visited Notre Dame, before seeing the final stage of the Tour de France. Following this, we watched the enormous street clean up act of Champs-√Člys√©es, saw a few people brave a Haka, and finally watched a stunning sunset atop the Arc de Triomphe. Another splendid day.

Outside Notre Dame, Paris
Outside Notre Dame

Cross in Notre Dame Paris
Photography friendly rules inside Notre Dame – Thank you!

Notre Dame Stained Glass Window

Notre Dame

Notre Dame Stained Glass Window

Notre Dame

Notre Dame Display

Notre Dame Cross

Beach along River Seine
Sunbathers along River Seine on the hot summer’s day

Jumping at Louvre
Warren, Jason & Peter outside the Louvre

2009 Tour de France Paris
First view of Tour de France riders on final stage

Tour de France Pelaton, Paris

Lance Armstrong - Tour de France 2009 Paris
Lance Armstrong (black helmet) peddling his way to 3rd overall

Tour de France 2009

Empty Champs-√Člys√©es after Tour de France
Empty Champs-√Člys√©es after Tour de France – Sunset behind Arc de Triomphe

Haka at Arc de Triomphe
Haka (Maori traditional dance) next to Arc de Triomphe

Stairwell inside Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe staircase

Sunset over La Defense, Paris from Arc de Triomphe
La Defense from Arc de Triomphe

La Defense Sunset
Wide angle scene of La Defense, and impressive roundabout surrounding Arc de Triomphe

Eiffel Tower from Arc de Triomphe

View down Champs-√Člys√©es from Arc de Triomphe

Poor Kitty Paris

Eiffel Tower from Arc wide angle

Eiffel Tower from Arc de Triomphe twilight

Lights on Eiffel Tower
The 10pm lights come on again for a dazzling 5min display

Eiffel Tower Sparkles
More Eiffel Tower Sparkles

La Defense Light Trails from Arc de Triomphe
La Defense Light Trails from Arc de Triomphe

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A1GP Final Round – Brands Hatch

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With the scheduled last round of Mexico being cancelled due to the current swine flu pandemic, Brands Hatch was brought up as the final round, with three teams still in the running for the title. However Ireland’s Adam Carroll had other feelings, by storming through to clinching both wins from pole position, and the title for Team Ireland.

Here’s some highlights from the weekend, with link through to the gallery of 150 shots, featuring A1GP action, grid girls and support races.

A1GP Team New Zealand
A1GP Team New Zealand driven by Earl Bamber

A1GP Grid Girl Team New Zealand
Grid girl for Team New Zealand

A1GP Grid Girl Team Great Britain
Great Britain Grid Girl

A1GP Team USA Brands Hatch
Team USA during Qualifying

Porsche GT3 Spins at Brands Hatch
Left rear wheel collapses on exit of turn one of this Porsche GT3

A1GP Pit Crew
Team Mexico practicing pit stops shortly before a race

Adam Carroll - Team Ireland A1GP in cockpit
Adam Carroll concentrating before the important feature race

Team USA on Grid
Team USA on the grid – note the steep lateral incline on track

Team USA - JR Hildebrand on the grid of Brands Hatch
Team USA – JR Hildebrand on the grid

A1GP New Zealand Brands Hatch

A1GP South Africa on Grid Brands Hatch
South Africa’s A1GP car on grid

First lap carnage with the Indian car

Final race of weekend, fun historics

The full gallery can be viewed: www.warrenwilliams.co.nz/a1gp


Bells Beach – Rip Curl Surf Champs

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Beyond Geelong to the start of the beautiful Great Ocean Road in Victoria, took a drive out to see the Rip Curl World Surf Championships. Unfortunately upon arriving, realised it was a “bye” day, due to lack of surf in the morning – however many pros and locals were still out there making the most of the good conditions.

Very steep beach, mixed with plenty of sea foam from the ferocity of the waves makes Bells Beach very unique


St Kilda Beach

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With clear blue skies, and warm temperatures, decided to head out to a well known beach of St Kilda. The Western beach was packed with kite surfers in the strong sea breeze.

Mark – friend and graphic design artist


Urban London

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On the hottest day of the year so far – 27 degrees celsius – met up with a friend, Mitesh Tailor, of Clarity-Rebirth.co.uk and took a long walk around the streets of London capturing events/buildings/people throughout the city.

The death mask on the Tiki Love Truck – tile/mosaic ute

Lloyd’s of London stands tall

Old vs New (The Gherkin – St Mary Axe)

The Gherkin

Buckingham Palace


Further along watched the skateboarders and bike riders doing tricks at South Bank


Olympic Torch Relay in London

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The Olympic torch relay hit the streets of snowy London today, marred by much controversy between China and Tibet. A large police presence, and Chinese security forces surrounded the torch throughout the 31 mile trip across London.

Thousands of people fill up Trafalgar Square

Contrast between peace and conflict

Olympic torch and mass police forces, entering Trafalgar


Kent Clay Pigeon Shooting

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I was invited along to do some photography for Hawley Clay Shooting Ground to update their photos, and create a new shooting challenge ūüėČ

Set amongst Kentish countryside, alongside the M25 – Colourful fields were a fine backdrop.


Warren giving it a go Р© John Williams

www.hawleycsg.co.uk – Kent Clay Pigeon Shooting


P.O.T.N Photo Book for Sale

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Members of the Photography-on-the.net/forum website have pieced together a masterpiece of a book. Featuring 12 sections, 160 pages, and several hundred photos, I was fortunate enough to have 3 of my own images selected.

The signature shots, and sections can be found here: http://potn.smugmug.com/gallery/2697840

Warren and Kirst in Fiji – (People)

Sheep on Summit Road, Christchurch – (Nature & Animals)

Jonah Lomu – (Sport)

The book is available for US$39.95 plus shipping via Blurb.com – Shipping costs are quite high for one book, but significantly cheaper for multiple books.

Blurb.com P.O.T.N Photo Book Link


Sk8R Boi

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My sisters boyfriend, Josh, shows how it’s done. Skateboarding at Te Pai Park, Henderson, Auckland


Wellington – Surf’s Up

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My last day in Wellington, involved catching up with Bob Leask and Will Mallinson – two fellow aviation enthusiasts. Started off, where-else, but the airport. We soon drove around to Lyall Bay – still next to the airport, and checked out the surf which was rolling through.

We then proceeded to parliament, however weren’t able to take cameras in, so decided to go to the cable car instead.

The weekend drew to an end, returned the camera gear to Tim, and took the 6pm flight back to Auckland. Waved goodbye to the pristine weather in Wellington, and hello to the thunderstorm over the Manukau harbour on our final approach to Runway 05R at Auckland International.


Piha – Surfers and Landscapes

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Piha, located 40min West of Auckland City is my favourite place to visit. The predominant South-Westerly has shaped Auckland’s West coast over thousands of years, into a rugged but beautiful place.

Here’s just a few from my latest visit there.