Melbourne Twilight

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Took an evening walk along the Yarra River, and setup for the hourly fireballs from the Crown Casino.


Melbourne Zoo

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Koala on Great Ocean Road

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Taking the beautiful Great Ocean Road back to Melbourne, came across a forest of Eucalyptus trees. Immediately saw these cute Koala very close to the road edge.

Lazy Koala


London Bridge, Australia!

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The London Bridge (now officially London Arch) is just a few kilometres west of Port Campbell. Arriving well into dusk, only managed a few shots.

London Bridge, Australia
The second arch collapsed in 1990

Self portrait

Port Campbell

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Port Campbell is right in the heart of the Great Ocean Road, and just ten minutes away from the Twelve Apostles. With no time to venture back out to one of the coastal features, a simple sunset against the towns pier was all that was needed.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria

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The Great Ocean Road offers some of Australia’s best scenic coastline drives. During the weekend, spent much of it driving along this beautiful 243km stretch of road between Torquay and Warrnambool.

Port Fairy Habour
Port Fairy – as a yacht sets sail

Surfer at Warrnambool

Floating over the surf – Bay of Martyr

Josh, previously featured

The Grotto

Stormy Apostle Sunrise

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Following from the previous night trip to the Twelve Apostles, headed back in the morning to catch a glimpse of the sunrise. Clouds obscured it, until later in the day when they dissipated and the temperature rose up.

Twelve Apostle Sunrise


Twelve Apostles Sunset

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The stunning twelve apostles are a collection of limestone stacks, located just offshore in the Port Campbell National Park, Victoria. Large crowds covered the good viewing platforms along the cliff entrance, however beach access is no longer available through Gibson Steps, and Thunder Cave.

Twelve Apostles Sunset
Erosion caused the collapse of a stack in 2005

Twelve Apostles Sunset
Looking East along the rugged coastline

Great viewing platforms along the length of cliff edge

Sunset over Twelve Apostles
Sunset over Twelve Apostles

Penguins at Twelve Apostles
Penguins after dark, using cameras maximum abilities

Penguins in the surf, Twelve Apostles
Penguins in the surf


Hobart to Melbourne – Circle Rainbow

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Seven Mile Beach, Hobart
Just departing Hobart over Seven Mile beach

Circle Rainbow
Circle rainbow only seen from above, with moisture in the air and the sun behind you


Cradle Mountain Ascent

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The imposing Cradle Mountain, standing 1545metres (5069ft) tall looked like a formidable peak to climb. Rising to the challenge, decided to head up via the Marions lookout track, packed with camera gear, water and a heavy tripod (quite possibly the silliest idea of 2008!). The total trek took over eight hours, including the final hour of ascent of Cradle Mountain,  scrambling over large boulders on the very steep slope.

A few hours later the next morning, Cradle Mountain comes into view

Lake Lilla, during the ascent of Marion’s lookout

Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake

Climbing dangerous loose rocks overlooking Dove Lake

And the view left

Ascended the very steep rocky area to the left

Looking South with Mark atop a safer platform

Valley behind Cradle Mountain

The actual summit was further West along the range, however didn’t provide views over Dove Lake and the valley below. Rather than keeping to the path, many climbers including myself went straight up, which was steeper, more dangerous, but provided far superior views.

Following the edge track back, provided good views over Dove Lake

Eight hours later, the light has changed over the boat shed


Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain

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After a long days drive from the Freycinet National Park, arrived in Cradle Valley, featuring Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake – a popular trekking spot. Being so late in the evening, and the weather conditions damp, chose to complete the short 2-3 hour Dove Lake circuit.

The Boatshed on the Dove Lake walk

Forest Raven

After the walk, took a drive up to Devonport to get food, as everywhere local was shut

Cape Tourville Sunrise

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Cape Tourville on the East coast of the Freycinet National Park overlooks Wineglass Bay and the Hazards.

Wide angle straight down the cliff edge as the sun rises, 5:21am

Cape Tourville Sunrise
Sun catching the cliff edges

Moon high above the sunlit coast


Freycinet National Park & Wineglass Bay

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The arrival into the Freycinet National Park is marked with some spectacular views and pristine clear waters. After breakfast on the shore of Coles Bay, headed for the main carpark at the base of the Hazards (620m). Chose to complete the 11.5km walk over the Hazards, down through to Wineglass Bay, and across the isthmus to Hazards Beach, before finally zipping around the base of Mt Hazard on the coastal track.

Wineglass Bay Lookout
The first 45min walking uphill is rewarded with some spectacular views across Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay Lookout

Wineglass Bay
Wineglass Bay with the approaching surf

Freycinet Wallabies
Plenty of Wallabies around, as well as snakes, frogs and spiders!

Hazards Beach
Glorious Hazards Beach

Idyllic Hazards Beach, Tasmania
Idyllic Hazards Beach

Hazards Beach / Cove
Northern end of Hazards Beach

Honeymoon Bay
Honeymoon Bay with stunning clear water

Sun burst Freycinet
Rain clouds on their way in, blocking the sun

Sun briefly comes out again to light up the Hazards

Swansea Beach

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Swansea is Tasmania’s oldest seaside settlement, with views stretching outwards over Great Oyster Bay and the Freycinet National Park.

Swansea Beach
The highest land on Freycinet Peninsula, marking where the next destination was

Tasman Peninsula Sunrise

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Just beyond the Tasman Arch, is this stunning scene, looking further South East along the Tasman Peninsula

Tasman Peninsula Sunrise
Sunrise at 5:25am just below the stormy skies

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