Anjuna Flea Market

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After hearing about the weekly flea market in Anjuna, we decided to head along on another hot Wednesday. Riding our favourite mode of transport, Rickshaw, we skimmed past the traffic and arrived in the massive field filled with hundreds of market stalls. Knowing there would be large crowds, I left the camera bag back at the apartment, only taking the Canon 1DIII and 85L lens for dreamy shots.

Cow in Calangute

Rickshaw Driver
Rickshaw Driver

Rickshaw Horn
Rickshaw Horn – great importance đŸ˜‰

Escaping the market jam, ventured onto the beach for a restaurant

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Shipwrecked Sands of Sinquerim, Candolim & Calangute

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White sands stretch 7km southward from Baga, through Calangute, Candolim and finally Sinquerim. Nestled in the southern end of coastline between Candolim and Sinquerim lies the Merchant Vessel, the River Princess. After running aground ten years ago, it has caused environmental issues, such as rusted shards of steel on the beach. It does however make an interesting photo subject!

Lifeguards Calangute
Lifeguards on duty in Calangute

Fisherman Calangute, Goa, India
Fisherman, untangling his nets

Fresh juice Goa
Selling fresh fruit on the beach of Calangute

Later in the day, Angus and I decided to hire a taxi from Calangute to the River Princess shipwreck. Frustratingly, taxis aren’t metered in Goa, and they usually offer exhorbitant cash amounts up front. Several times the cost than in Mumbai! After finally negotiating a van driver down to just 200 Rupees ($6), we took the 10min trip further along the beach.

More cows đŸ˜›

Cows and stray dogs Goa
Stray dogs give the cows some problems, as we witnessed on various beaches

Whilst other cows must be wary of their own kind

Parasailing Goa
Parasailing across Candolim

Jet Skies River Princess
Jet skis near the stern of the River Princess

Calf Goa

River Princess Silhouette, Goa
River Princess silhouetted

Bow of the River Princess, with the sun setting through the hazy sky

Candolim Beach Shipwreck Animation
Several exposures with the incoming tide

Goa Jump Animation
Jumping fun (shot by Angus)

As twilight set in, I shot a few long exposures with various filters:

Candolim Beach Shipwreck Sunset
No filters

Two graduated ND filters on top (.6 hard and .9 soft)

5 minute exposure
5 minute exposure

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Onwards to Evershine Nagar, Malad West

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After finally receiving some more adequate sleep, Angus and I ventured off via taxi to the north of Mumbai, to his family home in Evershine Nagar, Malad West. What a way to experience true Indian traffic firsthand! – The fairly short journey took a whopping two and a half hours, so I managed to admire the surroundings in the scorching street heat and snap a few shots.

Feet of Rickshaw driver
Rickshaw driver

CNG Mumbai
Our taxi being filled with CNG – commonplace in Mumbai

Capacity: 3 idiots
Pun of the recent movie “3 idiots” on the back of a rickshaw

Clearly on a road with no traffic

Once we had reached the neighbourhood of Evershine Nagar, Angus and I decided to have a quick wander around the small local streets.

Bananas Mumbai
Ripening bananas

Oranges in Mumbai

Loaded bicycle in Mumbai
Heavily loaded bicycle

Pineapple Mumbai
Fresh pineapple

Man through a drain pipe
Street stall through a large drainage pipe

Apartments in Evershine Nagar

Friendly dog outside the apartment

Sunset Evershine Nagar
Sunset from the 4th floor of the apartment

Right at this moment, we made a hasty getaway to the highway for our bus trip to Goa. Simply put; the WORST trip I have ever done. 7pm until 9am the following morning, as we traversed what seemed like the windiest roads possible on the journey south. Sleeping wasn’t possible amongst the winding roads, and bopping to the ring-a-ting-ting Bollywood movies on offer, with treble echoing around the bus. I strongly recommend anyone to fly down – or even catch a train.

Coca-Cola 3-wheeler truck whilst waiting for our bus

Rickshaw motion blur
Zooming Rickshaw

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Sardinia to London

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We flew out again with Ryanair, who tried to charge me excess baggage for being just 0.6kg overweight. With no weight restrictions on carry on, ended up stuffing more gear into my backpack to get by. Leaving Alghero in the morning, bound for London Stanstead, was another great flight, with blue skies and great views over Nice and the Alps.

La Mariposa
La Mariposa campsite along the beach front with trees

Isola Piana from the Air
Isola Piana, Sardinia

Nice from 37,000 feet
Nice, France

lac de serre-ponçon
Lac de Serre-Ponçon – Southeastern France – One of the largest artificial lakes in Europe

Ryanair Wingtip 737-800
The race is on

France and English Channel
Northern France and the English Channel

BBQ London
Arriving back to London for a BBQ

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Destination Paris!

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After a days rest back in London, Peter and I were off again, continuing our travel and photography addictions with a four day trip to Paris. Despite living on the doorstep to France, it was my first trip there in the two years I’ve been living in London. Catching the 10am Eurostar service to Paris, we arrived shortly after 1pm local time, immediately meeting up with another long term school friend, Jason.

St Pancras Station, London
St Pancras Station, London

St Pancras Station - Man Statue

St Pancras Station, London

St Pancras Station, London
Inside the modern St Pancras Station

Eurostar St Pancras
All aboard!

After meeting Jason at our hotel in the 15th Arrondissement, right next to the Eiffel Tower – we decided to venture over there for a picnic in Champs de Mars, underneath the mighty tower.

Eiffel Tower from the Lower Level
Eiffel Tower from the Lower Level

Binoculars available on Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower Telescope overlooking Trocadero

Stunning view from Eiffel Tower over Trocadero and La Defense
Stunning views over Trocadero and La Defense

South along river from Eiffel Tower
Looking south along the River Seine.

Champs de Mars from Eiffel Tower
Parc du Champs de Mars – a beautiful spot for a picnic

View from almost 300m up Eiffel Tower
Peter & Jason – Great school friends from Avondale College, NZ

Looking straight down Eiffel Tower
A very long arm..

Long casting shadows from Eiffel Tower
Watching the long casting shadows over the Paris architecture is truly remarkable

Eiffel Tower Shadow over Champs de Mars

After spending the next hour on a cruise of the River Seine, (which didn’t produce any good photos), we ventured up to Trocadero for a brilliant view of the Eiffel Tower at sunset and twilight.

Eiffel Tower Sunset
Water Fountains over Eiffel Tower

Stunning Eiffel Tower Sunset
Magical moments seeing the fountains and Eiffel Tower from Trocadero

Red Skies Eiffel Tower Sunset
Twilight ovr Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Abstract

Dazzling Lights Eiffel Tower
The hourly display of dazzling lights come on after dark – This case being 10pm

Following the great display and afternoon spent around Eiffel Tower, we walked along to the grande Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe Detail

Arc de Triomphe - Trees
A great way to finish off the evening, after pizza at a nearby restaurant, and 30 minute walk back to the 15th Arrondissement

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Calais to Dover Ferry

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The very last leg of our tour was catching the ferry from Calais to Dover, and connecting to a coach to take us along the A2 into London. Ironically, we passed my home in South East London/Kent, but had to continue into the city traffic before catching a train home a couple of hours later.

The ferry was smooth sailing, although a fairly strong wind on top deck, stopped many from enjoying the views of the English Channel.

Calais from Ferry
View of Calais from the Ferry – not much on offer

Calais Dover Ferry Sun
Clear days, good great views

P&O Calais Dover Ferry

Warren & Peter Calais Dover Ferry
Warren & Peter, approaching the White Cliffs of Dover

Matt & Erin, White Cliffs Dover
Matt & Erin, two of the many new friends made on the Top Deck tour. Thanks everyone!


Beautiful Flight over New Zealand

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Thanks to my friend Katie, managed to secure a helicopter flight from Ardmore, tracking north up to Kaitaia along the beautiful coastline.

Rangitito Aerial
Rangitoto Island

Cliff between Mairangi and Rothesay Bay – North Shore

Kawau Island, Mansion House, Aerial
Mansion House, Kawau Island

Stunning clear waters, just south of Bay of Islands

Cape Brett Lighthouse Aerial
Lighthouse at Cape Brett, Bay of Islands

Hole in the Rock - Cape Brett - Aerial
“Hole in the Rock” – Cape Brett, Bay of Islands

Cape Brett HDR - Aerial
Cape Brett

Urupukapuka Island, Bay of Islands
Urupukapuka Island, Bay of Islands

Motuarohia Island, Bay of Islands
Motuarohia Island, Bay of Islands

Taupo Bay Aerial
Taupo Bay Aerial

Taemaro Bay, Aerial Photo, Northland New Zealand
Taemaro Bay

Matai Bay

Matai and KariKari previously seen here

Filling up at Kerikeri
Filling up 416 litres of A1 jet fuel at Kerikeri airport

The Bell 206L on Pakiri beach, (l-r: Warren, Kate, Katie, Mark – our Pilot)

Katie & Warren
Katie & Warren enjoying the view from the rear

Whangaparaoa Rainbow aerial

Rain over Whenuapai

Auckland / Eden Park aerial
Eden Park and Auckland City

Auckland City Aerial Sht
Beautiful Auckland City, with Albert Park

Hunua Dam - Aerial
After some great fish and chips in Kaiaia – Firth of Thames, flew back north over Hunua Ranges

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Great Ocean Road, Victoria

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The Great Ocean Road offers some of Australia’s best scenic coastline drives. During the weekend, spent much of it driving along this beautiful 243km stretch of road between Torquay and Warrnambool.

Port Fairy Habour
Port Fairy – as a yacht sets sail

Surfer at Warrnambool

Floating over the surf – Bay of Martyr

Josh, previously featured

The Grotto


Avon River, Bath

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Took a local boat trip around the Avon River, to catch a glimpse of some historical buildings and bridges along the water.

Our skipper and guide takes us close to the weir and Pulteney Bridge


London Motor Show

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The London Motor Show at the Excel events centre was my first taste of a true large scale motoring show. Filled with plenty of concepts, exotics and test drives, enough for everyone to enjoy.

Lexus LF-A Concept

Bugatti Veyron

Drift Demos

Ford GT – remake of the classic GT40

Chevrolet Camaro

Nissan GTR – supercar performance for a reasonable price

Meanwhile outside, the Red Bull London Air Race qualifying was happening