Scottish Road Trip

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Heading North West through Scotland, came across a river softly lit up by a street lamp, mixing with a 3min long shutter speed to blur the stars

Following on the A82 towards Glencoe, many deer were seen near to the roads, eyes lit up by the passing headlights.

Edinburgh Castle

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On the road from Newcastle to Loch Ness, decided to pass through Edinburgh to see the castle. Held up in long queues through the one way traffic system, only managed a shot from outside in the carpark. (£4 charge for 6min was quite extortionist)


Peter Lee

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20 miles South of Newcastle, the sign pointing to Peterlee has caught my eye the past couple of times I’ve driven past. Tonight, I stopped on the offramp from the A1 dual carriageway, and took this shot – Peter Lee is also the name of one of my best friends in Auckland – so this one’s for him.


Danson Park Fireworks

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The annual Danson Park fireworks display was held this evening across the lake providing a fine view, with proceeds going to a charity. Living on the fringes of the park, managed to avoid the traffic congestion.

Reverse bungy

I will be travelling back up to Newcastle and Scotland tomorrow, with a week to explore Loch Ness, and Isle of Skye.

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