Calais to Dover Ferry

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The very last leg of our tour was catching the ferry from Calais to Dover, and connecting to a coach to take us along the A2 into London. Ironically, we passed my home in South East London/Kent, but had to continue into the city traffic before catching a train home a couple of hours later.

The ferry was smooth sailing, although a fairly strong wind on top deck, stopped many from enjoying the views of the English Channel.

Calais from Ferry
View of Calais from the Ferry – not much on offer

Calais Dover Ferry Sun
Clear days, good great views

P&O Calais Dover Ferry

Warren & Peter Calais Dover Ferry
Warren & Peter, approaching the White Cliffs of Dover

Matt & Erin, White Cliffs Dover
Matt & Erin, two of the many new friends made on the Top Deck tour. Thanks everyone!

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