Bangkok, Thailand

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The British Airways flight leaving Sydney to Bangkok was delayed by two hours due to a blocked oil filter on one of the engines. We ended up arriving in Bangkok after midnight, where the local temperature was a very sticky 27°C. I found a cheap hotel to stay, just off from Sukhumvit Road, near the centre of some large shopping centres, such as Siam Paragon and MBK.

The heat and smell was as I remembered back in my first trip of 1989. Unbearably hot, street stalls everywhere selling mostly food, and traffic in every direction. As darkness falls, the heat remains, and the nightlife comes out.

The only way to deal with congestion, police traffic wardens at every intersection.

Traffic under the Sky Train network

People walk the narrow railway corrider

The sky train, which provides fast connections between each suburb and shopping centres.

Tuk-tuk’s are everywhere

Hualomphong station, where I walked to from Sukhumvit Road.

My next destination was Ayutthaya, travelling 3rd class with the locals. The fare cost 15 Bhat (US 50 cents) for the near 100km journey North. I think Western worlds need to follow suit 😉

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